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2009.02.23, 09:12 PM
My charger is reading a battery in the first slot even when the battery isn't there. If there are no batteries in the charger the first slot goes into charge mode and then reads done as if there where a battery in the slot. I wonder if anyone knows of a way to reset this or some other fix. I think it is less than a year old.

Thanks for you input,

2009.02.24, 04:16 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know what a great company Maha is! I called them today with my dilema and they are sending me a new charger, no charge. Talk about great customer service!!!!!!!!!:) Thanks Maha you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!:)

Jay Vasquez

2009.07.08, 11:13 PM
Yes Maha is good with warrenty service.