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2009.02.25, 10:16 AM
Has anybody played with any of the 1/24 scale tank's that have the air-soft pellets?
I'm thinking of getting one as a change of pace from Mini-Z's. I'm looking at ToyEast's website, and looking at the VSTANK 1/24 RC TANK AIRSOFT GERMAN TIGER I MID PRODUCTION WINTER model.
Do these have much speed in theme? Naturally they wont' be fast like a car, but I dont' want it kreeping along either. Also, are these pellet's safe?

Could even be an added feature in Mini-Z racing! Avoid getting shot at while making laps! :D

Look's like they could be alot of fun for around 100 bucks!

2009.02.25, 01:08 PM
A little bigger but still a tank

2009.02.25, 01:11 PM
Thank's but I'm interested in smaller sized one.