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2009.02.25, 03:11 PM
What is a good AAA & AA charger?

2009.02.25, 04:56 PM
La Crosse Tech BC-900 is excellent! You can read user reviews on the forums here and on A mazon

2009.02.25, 07:41 PM
Ill have to check that one out too.

MINIz guy11
2009.02.25, 08:10 PM
Well, I'm a LaCrosse BC-900 user and find that enough for my uses. The Maha Wizard One charger is much much bigger, which I would find a pain when storing in my pit box. The size doesn't do much with the interface, either; the screen of the LaCrosse BC-900 is still readable and very user-friendly.

The Maha Wizard One does have more pre-programmed charging options, which may help you if you slightly. I find that the LaCrosse can do the same, exept you would have to manually tell the charger what to do rather than having the Maha charger pre-program it.

2009.02.25, 11:56 PM
Hi JoeKimble
I use both, the La Crosse BC-900 and the Maha Wizard One C-9000
La Crosse is Ĺ the size of the Maha but regarding performance delivery and options available, I like more the Maha, I really apresiate the lightened screen of the Maha as well as the stand too. It seems to me that the La Crosse will input more MAH to the batteries but bateries will get hot.
Now, regarding customer service, Maha is 100% better than La Crosse I can guarantee this by experience in many occasions.
The $20 extra that Maha costs to the La Crosse it worth it every penny
If you got the $ go with both, I have one La Crosse and two Mahas, use to have three La Crosse before I was introduced to Maha C-9000 and had my first experience with its customer service which is a immense issue with La Crosse, I would grade it as 0% satisfaction compared to 100% for Maha Wizard One, just hope your La Crosse donít comes defective so you wont have to go thru hell with the worst customer service I ever known
BTW Maha Guaranty is for 3 years, La Crosse 1 Year abut same time it will take La Crosse Customer service to answer back to you, thatís if they ever do.
Hope this comment help;)

2009.02.26, 08:03 AM
Cool thanks!