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2009.02.25, 09:57 PM
I would like to buy a white body for my MR-02 and paint it myself so I have something a little different than everyone else. What is the type of paint I need and what do I use to seal it or make it shiny. I will be racing so it will get beat up fast but that is ok by me. I just want something different than the rest of the crowd.

2009.02.25, 11:38 PM
just use clear spray paint its the easiest to use and find

2009.02.26, 12:11 AM
What type of paint though??? Testors Acrylic ?? Enamel ??

2009.02.26, 12:56 AM
Either. I'm normally too lazy to buy brush wash so I don't use enamels, but acrylics are decent enough. I'd say try using some stickers for a durable deco and paint for general coloring vs details(look up my Faith FD in Custom Bodies).

2009.02.26, 10:51 AM
I did my first whitebody this last week and I used Testors spray paint and Testors clear coat. It came out better than I thought, but its alot of work.


2009.02.26, 11:16 AM
The most important thing is to clean it before you paint it.
Clean with normal product for the dishes twice. Then dont touch it again with yout fingers. Use gloves or a paper towel to hold.
You can use car paint rattle cans for it. Just remember that it is better to spray 5 thin coats then 1 heavy coat.
Finish it with a clear varnisch rattle can and your done. (again multiple thin coats)


2009.02.26, 01:08 PM
Carefull not to mix some brands. Some paint's dont' react well with others. When I repainted my red Diablo, I had a good white primer, then when I painted a gloss white over it, I got a horrible pealing result.

2009.02.26, 03:04 PM
What type of paint though??? Testors Acrylic ?? Enamel ??

You can use either. That's a matter of personal preference. As far as making it shiny, some use pledge future floor wax and others use clear spray paint and then polish the body after. Just make sure you prep the body very well before priming and painting.

What I do to prep the body is I take 2000 grit sandpaper and wet sand the whole body. Then I dry it and apply primer. Once the primer is dry I will start painting.

Good luck with your first body! It can be a lot of work, but its pretty rewarding to know you painted that body yourself from scratch.

2009.02.28, 05:58 PM
Thanks for the input everyone

2009.03.02, 02:16 AM
Use tamiya ts paint and tamiya ts clear and you will be set. I tried many different brand paints and by far the tamiya paint sprays and sticks the best. This paint withstands the abuse of races and hits and does not flake off at all. Wash your body in warm water with dish soap, dry it, and before you paint put the spray can in a hot water bath for a few minutes so that it builds up more pressure in the can and sprays a fine mist.

2009.03.02, 03:46 AM
Carefull not to mix some brands. Some paint's dont' react well with others. When I repainted my red Diablo, I had a good white primer, then when I painted a gloss white over it, I got a horrible pealing result.
It's not so much about mixing brands, as it is about mixing paint types. For example, staying within the Tamiya brand, you wouldn't want to mix their enamels or lacquers with their acrylics.

Acrylics use water or rubbing alcohol for their carrier base (thinning liquid), enamels use petroleum distillates (like toluol and turpentine), and lacquers use mostly acetone and derivatives. This makes these paint types incompatible with each other. The link below will give you more information about how the different paint types interact with each other and how they should be applied.


I for one like to use Tamiya acrylics because I use an airbrush, they are easy to remove in case I botch the job, and are easy to clean off the equipment.

As for the final clear coat, I use the acrylic clear for a few coats to seal everything in, then I dip the body in Pledge with with Future shine for the final ultra high gloss finish.

2009.03.22, 11:55 AM
tag thanks

btw, here is my car, painted with tamiya..

Daddy Rabbit
2009.03.22, 07:01 PM
The Tamiya paints are great and go a long way, go on smooth!!!
Testors has a lacqer set of paints that are very nice.

But!!!!!!!!!!! the greatest way to paint is with an air brush (and it doen't really cost that much to get into it).We buy auto paint and you can paint a lot of white bodies with 4 oz. Selections are numerous and the paint with auto clear coat holds up very well.

Have a great time.