View Full Version : kt-18 not in pairing mode

2009.02.27, 04:29 AM
a problem occurs with the kt-18 when I want to get it in pairing mode. After releasing the p button the led does not go out and consequently further pairing actions on the car will not result in a succesfull pairing. Reset does not work either, the led does not go out after releasing opposite to p button.
Anyone a clue? I think it is defective but do I overlook something maybe?

2009.02.27, 11:57 AM
Hold P Up button, power on, wait til LED goes out; if it won't reset into dim pairing mode, release the P Up button and itll go into dim pairing mode.

2009.02.28, 06:11 AM
hi thx,
the led never goes out, it stays bright blue. After just releasing p and led staying on, continuing pairing also no succesfull pairing follows; not even at different locations, multiple tries, new batteries etc..
I just brought the kt-18 to LHS and now they called back that the K importer also needs the car for diagnosis so it ' ll mean no 2,4 for some weeks...:(
For the money I paid for a 2 dollar worth plastic toy I was at least expecting some quick service...

2009.03.02, 11:58 PM
Kyosho otta have plenty of cars to test this out on man. Just send it to Kyosho and you'll get a replacement within 2 weeks.

2009.03.03, 10:12 AM
yeah, I know, it is stupid. But probably they dont wan't to rule out the possibility that I could be a technical imbicile or that I fcked up the asf board for instance...

2009.04.03, 07:53 AM
problem solved by K, a new transmitter module was mounted in the kt18...but still it does not pair like it used to do.. all of the times the led on the car does not go on bright, but blinks intermittendly yet it pairs, after switching on the car and tx connection is always only established after 5 secs and not immediately like it used to, hhmmm...
ANyways, I can drive AWD again.