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2009.02.28, 09:44 AM
Me and my dad have compiled a box full of parts that we don't need anymore.

These include things such as:

Adjustable shock
Motor mounts with bits
A diff or two
Autoscales with clips in decent condition - some with wheels
A few F1 Bits
Loads of tires - all opened.
- New are brand new, just not opened.
- Used are as good as new, just have been used once/twice and have lost their glossy finish. You'll see for yourselves, still very good.
Chassis spares

And a fair bit more!

Even better, I will be selling it for VERY cheap! Like 50p for the new tires and 20p for the slightly worn ones. Autoscales and their parts for 4/5 depending, and so on!

So bring some cash if you think you might find something you may like!

Thanks for looking,

2009.03.07, 10:48 AM
I now also have an F1 to Nascar conversion kit and a few packs of spare F1 wheels. :)

2009.03.07, 11:53 AM
Annnd a belt drive diff and some working F1 electronics with a 2x2 stack of 4562's on it.

2009.03.07, 04:48 PM
I'm after some f1 tyres if you got 'em. Got a bad case of oversteer with what I'm running at the mo, so too much grip somewhere.

2009.03.07, 05:40 PM
Got a bag full of assorted ones. :)

2009.08.07, 06:45 AM
More for sale:

Black Enzo body - great condition
Huge assortment of wheels (picture attatched)
MR02 2* Atomic Knuckles
Two empty MR02 chassis and spares (great for spare parts)
Plenty of other MR02 spares too!


2009.08.07, 07:31 AM
There's also now a massive assortment of H-Plates (t & h, carbon and plastic) and some motors, tie rods and diffs... :)

2009.08.07, 04:28 PM
tom,are those the 3 spokes i sold to mal?
if so name your price

2009.08.07, 04:55 PM
Yeah man, shoot with a price. :)

2009.08.07, 04:55 PM
i dunno lol 5.00?

2009.08.08, 04:27 AM
Call it 6 to cover recorded delivery and we've got a deal. :)

Just so you know, the whole bunch of wheels was going for a tenner (delivered), incase you're interested.