View Full Version : Kyosho Xspeed does not fit MR02 LCG

2009.03.01, 09:22 AM

I have a kyosho xpseed motor and a new PN Racing MR02 LCG mount. The problem I have is the hole on the Kyosho Xspeed motor does not line up to the mounting hols on the PN Racing LCG Mount. Also the PN Racing mount has two motor mounting holes and Kyosho motor only has one. Am I doing something wrong. Do I have to drill holes into the can of the Kyosho motor to make it fit. Do I need to by an adapter? Thanks for your help.

2009.03.01, 09:26 AM
All Kyosho motor cans have to be drilled with new holes to fit ANY aftermarket
motor mounts.
It sucks but, it is what it is.....lol.