View Full Version : ASF servo lock

2009.03.01, 01:53 PM
I got my asf board yesterday for my mr02. It it for an ma-010, but I don't think that would be an issue besides wire lengths. I soldered everything in place, and the board works. I got around to installing the potentiometer and the servo gears, and this is where I started having issues. I centered the pot, turned the car off, inserted servo motor, and then applied power. The servo saver would always lock left or right. I had soldered a bridge wire from the green pot wire to the asf board due to wire length. I have tried recentering the pot and the whole servo setup for over two hours and no luck.
If anyone knows a fix to this problem, any help is appreciated

2009.03.01, 03:53 PM
AWD and MR-02 have reversed servo motor wires.

2009.05.23, 10:13 PM
AWD and MR-02 have reversed servo motor wires.

thanks joe, I wish I would have searched for this an hour sooner!