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2009.03.01, 10:28 PM
We had been working on some possible race scenarios for an endurance race. I have always wanted to participate in something similar to what the guys from TRP do in Spain. So lately I have been talking with hrdrv about an event to organize over in the east coast in Myrtle Beach. From this came the idea to bring a quality event to the area, with a slightly different format.

Enter the Reflex Racing endurance series. The first event will be hosted at 843 hobbies in Myrtle Beach sometime in July (either the Saturday the 11th or 18th depending on Landon and 843 hobbies).

To summarize:
The 8 Hours at Myrtle Beach will be an 8 hour long endurance 1/28 scale race. The race will consist of 2 different categories running simultaneously on the track. The race will feature a night stage where teams must come into the pits and install a light kit on their vehicle. It will also feature a rain stage, where the organization will provide the teams with a set of tires with less than optimal grip to simulate wet, loose conditions. The length of these stages will remain secret, and only the race director will get to see the outcome of these though a series of sealed envelopes which will be opened every hour during the duration of the race.

-$150.00 dollars entry fee for teams of 3-4 drivers.
-75% of the entry fees will be payed out to the top 3 teams in each of the 2 categories.

For specific rules and guidelines, here is the document of the full description of the event.

Later on in the year, in September or late August we will also organize a 12 hour Race in Texas. This race will possibly be organized on the same weekend as the PN Regional so that 1 day of racing can be spent on the endurance race and the next day we can run on a Super hooked-up track for the regional qualifying event.

The race can only accomodate up to 15 teams, so space is limited (considering that there already is 3 teams entered, not many spaces are left). I will have the racing team application document up soon on the website. I will update any developments on the race on this thread and our website as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, ask away and you can start getting on the application waiting list by requesting it via email to cristian@reflexracing.net or posting on this thread.

2009.03.01, 10:40 PM
http://reflexracing.net/proddetail.asp?prod=RX9999 this is the product page where the application will be found. Please mail all applications to cristian@reflexracing.net

Action B
2009.03.02, 09:08 AM
Sounds awesome, maybe I'll come to both events! My father lives in texas and I often visit him in the summer anyhow. A little strategic planning is all that will be needed. I better start saving.

2009.03.16, 12:33 PM
Ive talked to the owner at 843, and we are looking at the 18th of July for this event.

Cristian has been working hard and making some great plans/outlines for this new race program. I expect it to be the most fun and exciting race event Ive been involved in, and Im looking very much forward to competing in this series.

With all of the ideas Cristian has been bouncing off of me, this is for sure going to turn out well! Ive got a few tricks up my sleeve for the layout too. Im hoping to get some what of a "wow" factor, as well as offer something that hasnt been seen in any other 1/28th scale racing series! Stay tuned for more details!!

2009.03.17, 07:03 AM
Count me in.

2009.03.17, 07:49 AM
Sounds like fun, can't wait! Hopefully I will see you all sooner.


2009.03.17, 10:48 AM
At the start of the race do we run across the track, in socks, to our transmitters?

2009.03.17, 02:16 PM
At the start of the race do we run across the track, in socks, to our transmitters?

Haha! You got one of my "tricks", lol.

Itll be good to see the NC group again!

2009.03.17, 04:23 PM
But of Course Pedro! But I think it will be outside. All the starting drivers will have to race from outside to inside, pick up their transmitter and go :P And I am serious!

2009.03.23, 08:14 PM
Flier for the event. Web page will all the info is going up tonight...

2009.03.23, 08:17 PM
1.Reflex Racing - Prototype, Houston, TX USA
2.Mike Morse - Prototype, Kannapolis, NC USA
3.MBMZR - GT, Myrtle Beach, SC USA

2009.04.01, 12:28 PM
Rule clarification:
For the night stage, as each Team will be required to have their own headlight and tail light kit installed on their car, these must be approved prior to the start of the event. If not approved, the car will not be allowed to continue during the night stage until a suitable application is installed. This is a chance for all of you engineers to innovate, so be creative, but be reasonable ;)

2009.04.02, 02:03 PM
Wow! It sound it will be a fine event, oh yeah.
Too bad is not nearer to FL.:(
Good luck to the participants and great success for Reflex!;)

2009.04.02, 02:16 PM
Let me talk it over with the SCRC peopls and see what we can come up with.

Can you list what bodies each team has claimed? And can two teams use the same body with different paint schemes?

Also, would anyone be interested in splitting hotel room costs? We stayed at the Ocean Reef Resort for the Spring Fling. They have a 4 bedroom ocean front condo with kitchen that can sleep 12 :)

2009.04.04, 07:20 PM
So far, nobody has claimed any AutoScale, and yes, two teams can use the same body so long that it has a different scheme. In the case of the Motul and Xanavi schemes, which are almost the same, they are both allowed, although there will only be 1 Team Xanavi, 1 Team Motul and 1 Team Calsonic (whatever body it is, matters not), unless the 2 bodies have a different number listed on the scheme.

2009.04.04, 08:42 PM
We will be running a custom painted team body.

2009.04.04, 08:59 PM
A GT Body is? Also, I'd love to participate as long as I can find a team. When's the latest you must have the $ by?

2009.04.04, 09:18 PM
can the light kit be pre installed? meaning do you have to install it just prior to the night stage or can it be installed but not used in the body permanently? this will really effect those that go the custom route ie; 5mm leds vs. the typical 3mm. you can get some seriously bright 5mm leds for cheap. do the lights have to run off the chassis or can you rig a seperate battery pack? i've done some crazy stuff with battery pack light kits (ultra bright).

2009.04.05, 12:35 AM
If you guys read the rules, you might get some of the answers.. ;)

GT is any AutoScale, Non-Pan Car type. (Atomic VDS, VDS2, VDS 2.5 and PN Pan Car as well as Lexan Pan Car Type).

Light kits CAN NOT be pre-installed. Wiring can be ready on the car, but no on the body. No matter what. But they must be planned for already as they need to be approved before the race starts (the design and implementation of it). Part of the fun of the event is having fast engineering/ pit work :P Be creative!

2009.04.05, 09:04 AM
I didnt have any time when I threw that last response up there. Sorry for my abruptness, lol.

Wow! It sound it will be a fine event, oh yeah.
Too bad is not nearer to FL.:(
Good luck to the participants and great success for Reflex!;)

This does seem like its going to shape into a very nice event. We have had a LOT of interest, and I believe we should come close to filling the field. I will be dissappointed if we dont end up with a dozen with all the folks saying they are coming out :D

Hey, its only 6 hours from Jacksonville ;) I know Miami is just another 10 hours from that, lol. Ive made the trip a few times. It is a short flight though ;)

Let me talk it over with the SCRC peopls and see what we can come up with.

Can you list what bodies each team has claimed? And can two teams use the same body with different paint schemes?

Also, would anyone be interested in splitting hotel room costs? We stayed at the Ocean Reef Resort for the Spring Fling. They have a 4 bedroom ocean front condo with kitchen that can sleep 12 :)

Nate, Brandon and Maya acted like they were all for it when I talked to them at the Spring Fling. It would be cool for you guys to come down for this!

The large hotel room is a great idea! I could get some realestate companies posted up here too, as there are tons of golf condos around the area that would be suitable for large groups to share.

A GT Body is? Also, I'd love to participate as long as I can find a team. When's the latest you must have the $ by?

Cristian has you covered on the descrition of the GT :D We will be running a GT body with a 70t motor in our car. We will likely run the McLaren GTR, but we are going to do lots of testing before we commit. I dont feel pressured to select mine, as we will definitely not be using an ASC.

There are a few other people who may be looking for teams. What I will do once we are getting closer is make a list of the folks who are interested but dont have a team. This way those people can get in contact with each other, and see if they can make a team. Im sure there are going to be folks who cant find any one, or maybe only one other person, and Id hate for all of them to get left out. I will aid in any way I can to make it possible for every one who wants to participate.

can the light kit be pre installed? meaning do you have to install it just prior to the night stage or can it be installed but not used in the body permanently? this will really effect those that go the custom route ie; 5mm leds vs. the typical 3mm. you can get some seriously bright 5mm leds for cheap. do the lights have to run off the chassis or can you rig a seperate battery pack? i've done some crazy stuff with battery pack light kits (ultra bright).

As Cristian says the light kits cannot be pre-installed. There is no problem IMO with running an alternate power source. That will be another putting decision. Do you run the extra weight? or the extra draw on your batts? Itll be fun to decide, and come up with a way to make it work. This will also be a crucial element in selcting bodies, as some of them dont have a decent way to mount light, and some that have the easiest mounting holes, wont have the clearance for steering :D

2009.04.05, 09:19 AM
brings up a good point, whose tracking and posting preselected bodies? as there is a limit to them, it's important that this information be available to allow teams to purchase what they need. the light kit also plays into this as many will need diy kits.

2009.04.05, 09:29 AM
The body list will be posted once folks commit to a certain body. No one registered has claimed any ASCs, so the table is open right now. Once people who are registered have slected their ACSs, or comitted to a certain custom body, we will have the list available for the public to guage their seletcions. Custom bodies are not as important to register, unless there is a certain number you really want held aside for your car. Ni two folks are going to go with the same exact paint scheme. MBMZR is thinking about putting a second team in. We may elect to make the schemes similar, but they wont be exact. :D

2009.04.05, 09:37 AM
forgive me if this was posted already but are you going to to a best in show? i thought this served a good purpose in the dc endurance race as an incentive for teams to put some effort into thier custom team bodies and the results paid off. we got some great team bodies in that race.

2009.04.05, 06:04 PM
The body list will be posted once folks commit to a certain body. No one registered has claimed any ASCs, so the table is open right now. Once people who are registered have slected their ACSs, or comitted to a certain custom body, we will have the list available for the public to guage their seletcions. Custom bodies are not as important to register, unless there is a certain number you really want held aside for your car. Ni two folks are going to go with the same exact paint scheme. MBMZR is thinking about putting a second team in. We may elect to make the schemes similar, but they wont be exact. :D

We will be running the Swap Shop 962 that I used during the Spring fling.

2009.06.16, 08:21 AM
This event is drawing near. How about some updates. The last time I checked the entry list there were only three teams entered. Our group is planning on sweeping the field. A full field. We will hate to take it by default. Come on guys. Get in the game. I don't mind eating my words if they are well prepared. The beach is hot in July so the competition should be too.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Who wants to pick it up.

2009.06.16, 11:57 AM
i still have not brought this up with my wife yet:rolleyes: my sons b-day is the 6th, my brothers the 15th and my wifes the 19th. july in general is a bad month to do anything for me. i'm not certain my wife will appreciate a b-day trip to the beach that involves me spending an entire day racing. i will ask but i'm not confident.

2009.06.16, 03:15 PM
Let her know how much money you can win and how good the food is at the Flamingo Grill (trust me) and that there will be a large party in her honor that it would be nice if she attended.

2009.06.17, 08:59 AM
I'll second the Flamingo Grill. Also, promise her a trip to Brook Green Gardens (http://www.brookgreen.org/) and all will be well. Also, talk Mike into bringing his Mrs and they can have a lady's day out :)

SCRC is still interested. I'll sit down this evening and budget things out, but I'm sure we'll find a way. We're hoping somebody(ies) will be interested in splitting hotel costs. Beuller? Beuller?

2009.06.22, 06:25 PM
Okay guys, as happy as I am seeing this thread get some action, I think its too little too late. :( Cristian and I have decided to postpone this event until the fall. Our date hasnt been concreted yet, but I would think we will come to a decision within a couple of weeks max. Of course I will post it here as soon as we decide.

Just for a touch of backstory (I dont think a long-winded explaination is neccesary), we are doing this because of the busy July race shedule. There are couple of events on the east coast at the end of the month, and we all know summer is allready a busy time for most folks. Due to the general lack of interest so far, we decided we could get together a bigger crowd if we waited until a majority of the scheduled races have passed. Another good thing is, this will greatly reduce the cost for travellers coming from out of town. Out of season (not in the summer) rates are considerably less expensive in MB for hotels, and flights.

Stay tuned for updates, and dont stop planning, just stop planning for the 18th, lol. :D

2009.06.22, 06:27 PM
That is good news for me Landon. Hope to hear more about this...

2009.06.22, 07:47 PM
i'm very familiar with scheduling woes and i'm sorry to hear you have to postpone. i know, it's not fun to have to do.

july was a very bad month for me anyway. nothing to do with races but tons of birthdays.

2009.06.25, 12:25 PM
Yes, I discussed with Landon the possibility of October or November. October sounds good for me. The 2nd weekend of October looks tempting. (not the 3rd or 17th).

2009.07.21, 09:46 AM
Okay guys, it took me longer than I thought it would to concrete a date in, but now thats just what we have....a concrete date!

October 10th is the new date for this event, and I cant wait!

Mark it on your calendars (racers and event planners ;)), and make your reservations to be here! Remember plane tickets are cheaper when you buy them in advance :D

And FWIW, moving it outside of the summer season will make housing a lot more affordable for anyone staying in a hotel.

The exact location is a little up in the air. Its not that we dont have a place, its actually that I have three venues that would like to have the event, so its just going to be about seeing who can offer us what, and at what price :D What I can promise is, the layout will be large, flowy, techinical, and partially elevated :D

2009.07.21, 11:23 AM
Outstanding!!! Now we can get back to figureing out how to spend the prize money. Parts all on hand. Lighting system figured out. Most of the testing completed. All that is left is to remake the hotel reservations and we will be ready

See eeverybody there.

2009.07.23, 12:25 PM
Seems like some pretty steep comments there big guy :D Id like to think the prize moeny will be coming our direction :D :D

2009.07.23, 02:08 PM
Yes, by all means it will be coming your way. I just won't be staying.

2009.07.23, 02:41 PM
We shall see :D You know my layouts are always too tight and techinical for mod cars to go fast :D J/K

You know CT is going to be in on the layout design, and he is running the proto class, so Im sure we will have to come up with something fair to both classses :D

2009.07.23, 09:30 PM
Who said anything about running a mod car? we are running in the prototype class. The car is so tame that even I can drive it.

2009.08.20, 04:08 PM
just giving this a bump for those that may have overlooked this event. its going to be great. hope we can get a few more out of town teams.

Daddy Rabbit
2009.08.21, 01:54 PM
You are right Chad, we need to see more out of towners, come on you guys from up north, PA,NJ and NY it is beautiful down here in October and relativity inexpense;)
But it looks like we need more local support also, come on Myrtle Beach, where are you 1/8th drivers? and MBMZR's?:eek:

2009.08.21, 02:24 PM
im just throwing this out there. would it be possible for one team to run both classes at the same time? with 4 people per team it could be done.

2009.08.21, 04:49 PM
Nah, you wouldnt want to do that, and we wouldnt want you to either. :D

2009.08.21, 04:57 PM
i figured that be the only way i may finish in the top three. double my chances

2009.09.25, 12:23 AM
Okay guys, talked on the phone with Landon today. We both have been really busy, and given to the lack of interest (1 team has signed up) we are postponing this race once again. This time, we are working with other hosts (including a possible one in Mexico City) about a true "North American" endurance- type championship.

We have tossed around a couple of different formats, where 3 out of 4 races will count towards an overall- and true North American endurance champion.

We will also possibly modify the rule format a bit. I will work on finalizing this in the coming month or two. More info will be posted on Reflex's site, as well as here as it becomes available.

So far the tentative dates will be spread out through the year so that the events are accessible to most everyone. We will focus on a series of "shorter" regional endurance races (4-6 hours) and have an end of the year 12 Hour event, possibly in Houston next year, since it is the cheapest and most accessible place to travel for people coming from both coasts and Mexico. It will also allow us to show you the Hospitality of Reflex's home city...

2009.09.25, 12:25 AM
Oh and by the way, I am still coming to Myrtle Beach on the weekend of the 10th! So come out and race with me and the gang at MBMZR. We will try to show you a good time. Might try something crazy like a shorter endurance race, or simply a regular "little big race" with some of the locals. Landon is talking mad stock racing class smack ;)

2009.09.25, 12:38 AM
Oh, BTW host for races:

1.MBMZR: The endurance race will be shortened to either 4 or 5 hours. 2 man teams. Tentative date is late Winter / Early Spring. (Feb perhaps?) 10-12 Teams max.

2.Mini-Z Racing Track (Mexico, City) very tentative, in early stages of talks, so this slot might be open to others... NO DATE SET, VERY PRELIMINARY. 4-5 hour event, 2 man teams. 10-12 Teams

3.West Coast Event - Location??? Time frame late spring/early summer I would love to take bids to hold the race. I can think of some great locations that have the potential and experience of holding an event of this magnitude. TJ? Binh? Grant? ;) April-May 6-8 hours maybe? 3 Man teams for sure. Otherwise 2 man teams 4-5 hours. 10-12 Teams

4.Reflex Hosted event and Series Final, Houston, TX. 12 Hours, 4 man teams Top 12 Teams in points for the championship qualify. Early August date...

2009.09.25, 12:47 AM

For the final; the top 12 2-man team combination will qualify. Alternates and Wild Cards will be decided upon the Organizers of the event, based on certain stipulations to be described later.

Entry Fee has been modified to 30.00 per driver/ regional. Prize money will not be given out, instead we will use proceeds to pay the host track for their space and for awards/ possibly food.

2009.09.25, 12:49 AM
I am also open to hosting more events. So long as they are spaced out and provide good space to hold the place, we will set the cap at 5 races for the first year. We can build from that.

We are revising some of the rules as well. Might be closer to what TRP did with their event last year, even though I am still debating it all...

2009.09.25, 12:54 AM
Last thing. This is not going to be REFLEX's Race. It will be everyone's race. We will not take control or any funding from this race, except in the event that we are organizing the series finale. Everything will be done through and by the host location, based on a "rule book" that they will be handed when chosen to host the race. All Reflex is doing is supervising the "Championship" and keeping tabs of the Points and Results on our website.

2009.09.25, 01:14 AM
ct...send me some info ...i think that all 3 of us on the westcoast will be bidding on this.....;)

2009.09.25, 02:49 AM
Awesome!!! I will I am setting up the page on our site tonight... I really want to make this a fun event for people all around the country.

My intention is to make a handbook, or rule-book that will guide each race organizer to draw their own "script" of a race.

In the future, the way I see this developing is from the club level, to the regional level, and then to the national level. Ideally it would be nice to have the country divided into 4 or 5 regions. Each region would be entitled to 3 regional races to determine a regional champ and the results would also carry over to a National Points board. The national points board would be the best 4 or 5 race total of the year. Again, at the end of the year points are tallied and top 12 teams qualify for the final... Making it 4 or 5 races would force most of the teams to venture outside their region at least 1 time if they want to really be competitive in points...

But for the first year, 4 or 5 races Total... Of the first 3 o 4 races, 2 will count to qualify. And then 1 final at the end of the summer in TX...

2009.09.28, 12:56 AM
It's settled! Jacob and I are coming on Friday the 9th for the Saturday race. This will be a reduced time race to only 4 hours and 2 man teams... It will be our test run for the format going into next years championship. The web page is built... More info will be released later on this week about the racing series...

2009.09.28, 06:33 AM
What other changes have been made? Still have a night portion? Still have a rain portion? Still have to have matching team shirts? Entry fee still the same? I had my four man team set up and ready for the full eight. No problem with the shorter run but now there are a lot of issues to be worked out and very little time to do it if I am to halve my group or establish a second team under the same banner.

2009.09.28, 09:07 AM
Mike, this race is going to be a little more lax. As I stated earlier in the thread the "official" race has been postponed. This will be more of a "fun" run. Rules are basically the same, except it has been cut down into 1/2 the length, with 1/2 the people. Landon and I made these changes based on what he heard from his locals and the HSH guys at the Diablo last weekend.

Any other specifics, we will talk at the driver's meeting the day of the event. We will probably still have a rain stage, but I doubt there will be a night portion as I doubt anyone asides from your team (the only team that signed up to the original race) will be prepared for it. In the next race that comes up, which will be the "official" race, we will surely have the night stage.

The main purpose of the race this time around will be to get the ball rolling and show people how much fun endurance racing can be. This will be the testing ground for the structure and guidelines of the racing series that we intend to run next year. You and I will also need to square up on the entry fee, as the price will be reduced to $30.00/ team member on the "official" race. I don't know what the fee will be at this next race, this will be left up to Landon based on what his needs are this time around.

2009.09.28, 09:09 AM
This time around, there won't be a need for matching shirts, but I think it is still cool to be dressed in the same team colors. You can definitely break off into 2 teams, under the same name as car A and car B. Reflex will have 2 cars next year as well, this time only the "A" car is coming ;)...

2009.09.28, 09:16 AM
still going to be 2 classes on the track at the same time

2009.09.28, 03:08 PM
Yes, 2 at the same time. It will be like true LeMans... For this event I would like to make it LM bodies only in Mod, no Pan Cars... What do you all think??? This would mean only certain bodies allowed for Mod.

In my opinion the new long tail McLaren would belong in the LM class as well, this way you would have 3 possible options:

Porsche 962
Mazda 787
McLaren GTR

Should the McLaren belong in LM or regulat AutoScales? Let me know...

For Stock, any AutoScale/ TRP body that is not one of the 3 above...

2009.09.28, 03:51 PM
The big mac at 98mm should be a GT car as it is in real life. There are at least three different ones in ASC plus a number of different ones in custom individual liveries. The Aston's have four different plus customs and then there are the multitude of Japanese GT bodies. Any of the LM bodies three different Mazda's and the six or so different Porsches would make for a good field.

Keep 98mm and down for GT and Make 102 the Prototype class or group C as they are recognized in the FIA.

2009.09.28, 03:59 PM
i up for what ever you and landon decide.

2009.09.28, 04:07 PM
I'd consider this had I noticed the new date earlier. I definitely don't have a team nor 2-3x same body nor time to dress those up. Good luck to everyone who is gonna go.

2009.09.28, 04:19 PM
I'd consider this had I noticed the new date earlier. I definitely don't have a team nor 2-3x same body nor time to dress those up. Good luck to everyone who is gonna go.

you only need 1 other teammate and just one body. nothing to dress up. you should try and make it. you wont regret it.

2009.09.28, 04:22 PM
The body rule is in relationship to body size, more than GT v. WSC... Since it can get a bit too technical. There will NOT be a WB rule. It will just be categorized by BODY Type...

2009.09.28, 05:55 PM
dont forget thenew mercedes is coming out soon too!!

2009.09.28, 05:57 PM
i also think that the LM front/rear wheels should be mandatory too. this makes everyone run the same tire!!! EXCITING!!

2009.09.28, 09:12 PM
i also think that the LM front/rear wheels should be mandatory too. this makes everyone run the same tire!!! EXCITING!!

Not going to happen... At times these tires/ wheels are unavailable so if an event is coming up, we cannot outlaw any other wheel/ tire combo...

2009.09.28, 09:52 PM
but the LM wheels and tires are allowed?

2009.09.29, 01:07 AM
Yes, they are allowed, but not mandatory...

2009.09.29, 01:29 AM
The body rule is in relationship to body size, more than GT v. WSC... Since it can get a bit too technical. There will NOT be a WB rule. It will just be categorized by BODY Type...

awwwww...comon.....pancar / lemans......same same...esp if there is no wb rule;)

2009.09.29, 01:59 AM
This is for this race only. With the series next year, we will see what the case is. I will probably be decided by committee once the locations are set for the races, we will probably have all the hosts vote on it.

2009.09.29, 01:00 PM
Wow! Weve got this thread up for 6 months, and once we postpone, its finally getting the attention it derserves :D

CT, glad to see you back in action on the forums :D Id like to clear a few things up though.

While I like the LM only on prototype class, and love the idea of spec tires as well, I think we should not eliminate the pan car bodies, so I will allow them for this race. When the reflex series starts, I will of course go with whatever the majority/CT decides. The reason I want to keep the pan cars in, is because when we run pan, its one of the most supported classes here locally. It also allows the use of shorter wheelbases. While 94 or 96mm would look rather silly on a 962, it is constantly pulled off with PN and ATM pan/VDS shells.

The race will be 4 hours long instead of the original 8, and we will allow 2 man teams to enter. I will allow the option of a third driver (who must be registered as such before the start of the race) and/or a person to help them in the pits. The pit man is not required to drive (or pay), but anyone registered as a driver must drive for a minimum of 45 minutes. There is no mimimum or maximum stint, so long as this rule is followed.

There will be no night stage of this race. With the idea of getting extra teams in on short notice, I will throw this out, so people wont have to get anything set up. However, if youve got something you want to test for the official reflex series, you are more than welcome to run lights on your car.

This doesnt mean we are thowing out inclement weather though. I will still set up a random drawing that will throw variables at us that we will not have control over. I will hand out foul weather tires at the beginning of the race, and if a rain stage gets selected, then you will be required to run the hand out tires for the duration of the rain stage. The hand out tires will most likely be ASC display tires, or something else with less than ideal grip. I will possibly dim the lights for this stage as well, in order to try and mimic lower visability. It all depends on what the weather man says :D

The entry fee will be $20 per driver. I know CT mentioned $30, but I had allready told a few people we would be looking at $20 to enter, and I dont want them to have to pay more than expected.

As a bonus we have secured a couple of volunteer marshalls to help out in the event. They will relieve the pressure from the drivers from having another thing to do while not on the stand. One of them is our resident expert solderer as well, and his services will be available through out the race (as well as most of the practice day). In the event you need him to repair something for your team, your team will be responsible for marshalling while he is not at his station.

Pitting is also going to be a little bit different from relfex's original rules. It was stated that a driver may not leave the stand for a driver swap while the car is being worked on. Since we are now working with short-handed teams, I will allow the driver on the stand to come off while the car is in the pits, so that he can finish up the pit stop, and the driver taking over can get into position to run his stint. You will still only be able to stop and start from pit lane, and you will not be able to drive from anywhere but the drivers stand! There will be no reversing in pit lane. If you miss your assigned pit box (chosen based on qualiying order) you will need to proceed out of pit row, and lap around the track agian before entering the entrance to pit lane and trying again. Any one black flagged for pit lane infractions will be assesed a 1 minute stop and go penatly in which no work or drivers change can be done with the car. If repeated incidents occur, the penalty will become more severe (ie. 5 minute penatly).

Penalties will be assesed for rough driving as well. Passing needs to take place in a clean curteous manner. If some one is bullying their way through traffic, or defending with force, and avoidable accidents occur, drivers will be given warnings. If they continue to drive in a manner that our rules official deems "out of line", then they will be assessed a "stop and go" penatly in their pit box. The second penalty will be a 1 minute stop and go, and the minutes will go up with each infraction. MiniZ racing gets physical, but in a 4 hour race with multiple classes racing at the same time, we are going to need to minimize the accidents as much as possible!

I think the last thing I need to cover is qualifying. Im going to do qualifying a little different than Ive ever seen for a miniZ event. Its kind of an idea that I want to test, and I think this is a perfect venue for it. It will be a 30 minute "open track" session. Within the 30 minute session every one will be allowed to run as many laps as they want. We will sort the starting grid based on the fastest laps each team turns out.

For a tenative schedule we will have open practice from 8 am til 11:30. At 11:30 I will have an in depth drivers meeting explaining marshalling, racing rules, pit rules, as well as any other topics that are being asked about. If you have any questions, dont save them for the drivers meeting, get them to me! I would like to cover them well in advance, but Ill go over them again at this point!

I havent been very active on the forums lately. Ive been covering most of this stuff by telephone or in person, but I will make a concious effort to update this thread and answer any questions asked here! Please post away! And, Come see us if you can! It is going to be a great event!

Oh lastly, if you guys woudnt mind posting what classes you are going to be running. Id like to get a count going, so we can see how te field is going to stack up.

2009.09.29, 01:09 PM
...the McLaren is a GT class body, and should be run in the GT class. It is not a prototype body, and that class will be left to the true prototypes, and the pan/VDS bodies.

If we get into picking and choosing which GT bodes can go over to proto, we will end up splitting hairs, and I dont want to cross that line :D

2009.09.29, 02:24 PM
Jay Vasquez / James Pickard - Prototype Class (LM 962 Body) :eek:

2009.09.29, 02:30 PM
Team AMP Kannapolis,NC Prototype Porsche 962 Thunderbird Swap shop 3 registered drivers.

2009.09.29, 02:40 PM
Jay and James, Y'all need to come up with a ketchy name for your team :D

Mike.....3 drivers?

2009.09.29, 03:20 PM
I'll explain later.

2009.09.29, 05:52 PM
Pitting is also going to be a little bit different from relfex's original rules. It was stated that a driver may not leave the stand for a driver swap while the car is being worked on. Since we are now working with short-handed teams, I will allow the driver on the stand to come off while the car is in the pits, so that he can finish up the pit stop, and the driver taking over can get into position to run his stint.

I have to revise this right here back to the orignal set of rules. The driver swap must take place while the car is sitting still and in the pit stall. I changed this thinking it would benfit the teams with two drivers, but it actually would handicap them. The guys with three would be able to be swapping drivers, while the third person was swapping batteries, so I think this should be reverted back to the original plan. I will cover this in depth in the drivers meeting to make sure every one is clear.

As far as motors, batteries and tires, its a pretty standard set of rules. You can use any rubber tire. There is to be absolutely no traction compounds of any type added to the tire. GT class will be limited to the PN70t motor. The motor cannot be opened (end bell cannot be removed), but the removal of the brushes for replacement, or for cleaning the comm is allowed. If the brushes are replaced, it must be with the stock PN brushes. In the prototype class you may use any 130 class motor. 4 AAA batteries are the only acceptable power source for running the car. You may use a seperate battery pack for lights.

2009.09.29, 06:23 PM
Is there still going to be a night stage?

2009.09.29, 09:25 PM
Is there still going to be a night stage?

sorry, missed that one:p

2009.09.30, 12:48 PM
Jay and James, Y'all need to come up with a ketchy name for your team :D

Mike.....3 drivers?

No problem, we'll call ourselves MWG Racing :cool:. In case you're wandering, it stands for Mexican and White Guy Racing :eek:. I knew you'd like it :p. We'll still be entering an LM Longtail 962 Porsche into the Prototype class, unknown color at this time ;).


2009.09.30, 01:35 PM
We WERE going to enter with a Mazda 787B, but since Landon is allowing Pan Cars, we have no option but to run a 96mm VDS II machine... Blue and blue with white and silver and black accents...

2009.09.30, 02:07 PM
So let's do a count:
1.Team AMP Porsche
2.Team MWG Porsche
3.Team Reflex VDS II

2009.09.30, 06:16 PM
This sounds like a great event, I wish I were in the area. I noticed that for the PN event a few weeks ago here in the Bay Area, LM wheels and tires were not allowed. Are LM wheels going to be allowed in the prototype class?

2009.09.30, 06:27 PM
I need to see if I can get down there... I would love to make this race. Even if it isnt a big race.

2009.09.30, 06:33 PM
See if you can get in touch with Tommy_greeneyes. I spoke to him today about the ALS race. Maybe with your help it could be twofer. I'll call him back and get him to PM you.

2009.09.30, 06:45 PM
Or you can team up with Jacob and me.. :P

2009.09.30, 06:45 PM
Yesm LM tires/ wheels are allowed. :)

2009.09.30, 06:57 PM
CT. I guess you have accommadations lined up. If not the Staybridge Suites are close by and really reasonable. Our team is in a two bedroom two bath unit for $89 per. Staybridge is part of Holiday Inn.

2009.09.30, 09:48 PM
Or you can team up with Jacob and me.. :P

come on CT you have to give us mere mortals a chance. not like i have much of one as it is.

2009.09.30, 09:51 PM
So let's do a count:
1.Team AMP Porsche
2.Team MWG Porsche
3.Team Reflex VDS II

me and my brother inlaw are running together just not set on class yet.

2009.09.30, 10:30 PM
So Chad's Team is 4.

Landon will have his so that's 5. If we can get 2-3 more, it should make the event a lot of fun!

We are still not decided on out motor strategy... Are we going with POWER or just runtime???

I am doing a lot of testing this weekend. I already have 2 cars built for this race.

I'd almost be willing to put up the B car up for whatever team comes from furthest. Of course, if they are interested...

2009.09.30, 11:48 PM
What is interesting is that everyone is going into the faster, more battery consuming category...

2009.10.01, 08:18 AM
Matt, glad you got it sorted! And also glad we got to talk last night to arranghe your team :D Dont hesitate to call if youve got any more questions or concerns.

Chad, Im with you about EMU. No need to stack the reflex team up any more, lol. The good thing about that would be Eugene not running on a different team :D That would be one more "out of reach" to try and chase!

CT, It is interesting to see that most people are choosing the prototype class. With the 8 hour race I was sure 70t was going to be the ticket. I came into the 4 hour one with the same thought process, but you guys all have me second guessing :eek: I know I dont want to get dragged around the track by Rodney and Wade again, so Im leaning towards getting a little more power :D

Also, Matt is coming down, and he is going to run with Collin (kromie's son), so thats a 6th team. 6 is just about perfect on our layout, but another team or two would make it VERY interesting!

2009.10.01, 08:44 AM
any idea what class matt and collin will run? with everyone running prototype i might run gt just so i can get a win. but what fun would that be. if no one runs gt what would be the odds of allowing other bodies in proto. like the long tail gtr CT brought up earlier, maybe even the dbr9. just thought i would try.

2009.10.01, 09:23 AM
Im pretty set on GT being GT bodies only. It would be hard to talk me into changing that. Matt said he is leaning towards 70t just because thats what he is used to running. If you guys run it, and he runs it, Ill probably jump in to and even out the field (3 GT, and 3 P cars). Im going to try and talk Eric into that anyway. He has got faster laps than I do with the car he wants to run, but my 70t lexus has hit 25 laps in every qualifier Ive run with it. Eric finally got down to 24 in 5 flat, but hes got a couple more seconds to chop off to convince me :D

2009.10.01, 09:41 AM
if matt runs gt me and steven will also. it sure would be nice to see gt out run proto.

2009.10.01, 09:42 AM
^ Im sure thats what you want to see if you run GT and every one else runs proto, lol. :D

2009.10.02, 08:19 AM
can we verify that matt will be running gt class. i dont want to setup a car in that class if im going to be running by myself.

2009.10.02, 08:37 AM
You can ask Matt, but I dont think he is going to make a firm decision until he gets down here and puts a car on the track. He said he will most likely go GT, as he has 5 or 6 cars allready with 70ts to choose from.

2009.10.02, 12:50 PM
I'm doing GT for sure. I dont know if I would want to drive a mod car for four hours, plus I know most of what Colin raced was the 70t lemans class you guys were doing so it will make things easier on him too. If you dont mind me asking, what tire combo's are working for you guys down there. Thanks

2009.10.02, 01:19 PM
K20 rears or SSGs, along with K 30 fronts. Most of us bounce back and forth between slicks and radial, but mostly just these two compounds. On a couple of the layouts K40 radials have worked well too.

2009.10.02, 01:25 PM
K20 rears or SSGs, along with K 30 fronts. Most of us bounce back and forth between slicks and radial, but mostly just these two compounds. On a couple of the layouts K40 radials have worked well too.

Cool, thanks. I use 20 rear and 30 front already so thats easy. Think I have one set of 40's just incase. I have only been using treaded lately only because I dont have to true them flat.

2009.10.02, 02:14 PM
Thats a good point about Collin and the 70t. Eric said he could bring Collin out friday afternoon if you wanted to get some practice time in with him. What time do you plan on being at the track? Collin has school until about 2, but they can usually make it down by three of four with no problems.

2009.10.02, 02:50 PM
Thats a good point about Collin and the 70t. Eric said he could bring Collin out friday afternoon if you wanted to get some practice time in with him. What time do you plan on being at the track? Collin has school until about 2, but they can usually make it down by three of four with no problems.

I sould be there around 1, wont leave till the car feels good so they should have some time to meet me there.

2009.10.03, 02:23 AM
Our Machine...
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 007.jpg
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 006.jpg
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 009.jpg
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 013.jpg

2009.10.03, 09:30 AM
Pretty spiffy.

2009.10.03, 09:49 AM
Great looking car CT :cool:!! Who knows, if you keep building awesome rides and honing your driving skills............Jay and I may consider letting you join the MWG Team :p. Of course there would be a brutal hazing process to go through and a probationary period :eek:. However,with all that MWG Racing has to offer, it would be well worth it :rolleyes:. I don't currently have any team stickers to give out (they go pretty quick), but we do own a team Sharpie felt tip marker :p. Have your people call my people LOL.


2009.10.03, 03:34 PM
Looks good CT! Ill get a pic of ours up too...as soon as we choose which one. We were pretty settled on a car and running the P class, but I think we will throw a GT car together and even out the field.

2009.10.03, 10:53 PM
Just got done testing. The car is outstanding. The new WTF2 is freaking awesome!

2009.10.04, 11:36 AM
Just got done testing. The car is outstanding. The new WTF2 is freaking awesome!

So are you gonna bring a coulpe with you to sell.:p Good to hear the testing is going well.

2009.10.04, 11:53 AM
More than a couple I hope.

2009.10.04, 03:20 PM
They are not available yet. These are prototype parts...

2009.10.04, 06:46 PM
Our Machine...
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 007.jpg
http://www.reflexracing.net/images/endurance_car/endurance_car 006.jpg

CT, that is truly a machine:D You said you're running a WTF2... It looks like the chassis is 98mm. Are you running 98 instead of 96mm?

Any chance for a chassis pic?;)

Cool paint job as always. For Prototype class, you aren't running a night-stage, correct? Just wondering, have you thought about trying to put LEDs in a Pan car? When I first looked at these pics, I had to do a double-take because the front headlight stickers look like they could have LEDs in the middle...

2009.10.04, 07:06 PM
Thanks for the kind words, I am actually quite proud of this paint scheme ;)

As for the car, it is 96mm. The body has been slightly trimmed to fit the wheel base, but it is practically undetectable huh?

For this race, we won't have a night stage, but going forward, I will have to install the lights on the PC body so I have to devise something to be able to achieve this.

The car works REALLY well with the WTF2. I found myself very comfortable pushing the car HARD for long, 16+ minute stints.

2009.10.04, 08:05 PM
I know you posted originally you were thinking about having a race in Texas also. What is the status on this?

2009.10.04, 08:13 PM
This is in the plans. It will probably be late next summer.

2009.10.06, 12:59 PM
Team Weaver in da house!!! We are going to be rocking......what else, but green and silver! :D


So I guess there is a chance Ill change my mind again, but for now, I think our plan is to run proto. :D Watch out boyz! MBMZR is in proto and stock, and we are comin for both titles!

As far as track info goes, we will open the doors at 12pm on friday, and will remain open until atleast 7pm. If we need to stay a little longer, Im sure some one can be talked into it. There probably wont be a need though, as we are going to be opening back up at 8am on saturday, so every one will have plenty of track time available to them.

I think every one but Rodney and Wade have been here before, so directions shouldnt be a concern. Im not giving Rodney and Wade directions in hopes they wont find the place, so they are on their own ;) j/k Y'alls team mate has been here a few times, so Im sure he will enlighten you on the best way to get here from y'alls place. If you need anything from me though, fell free to drop me a PM, or get my phone number from Mike or Jay and give me a call.

2009.10.07, 10:49 AM
Just thought you'd like some pics of the MWG Racing team car :D. Big thanks to Wade for flowing the super cool colors :cool:. We may or may not be the best drivers, but we're gonna look the best :rolleyes:. And Landon, the only title we plan to let you have is TRACK OWNER :p.For your viewing pleasure............

2009.10.07, 11:56 AM
^ lol...and nice looking ride :D

Daddy Rabbit
2009.10.07, 03:19 PM
Good lookin cars guys, this is going to be a fun race.
Look forward to seeing everyone again.

We will be serving a simple lunch off the grill, do not know what yet.
Proceds will go to MBMZR.

Thanks for the help guys.

2009.10.07, 03:41 PM
good luck with the racing guys:D
maybe ill try and make the next one;)

2009.10.12, 09:08 AM
Well, Ive been racing these little gems for about 5 years now. Ive been up and down the east coast (and a little inland :D) and have had the chance to run with some of the US's best drivers. Ive even had luck fall my way to end up on a podium with two sponsered drivers in a race in which I started from the last spot, from the bump up position. Needless to say Ive had many great times, and incredible experiences throughout my stay in miniZ racing. I will honestly say though, nothing quite compares to the thrill I experienced this past saturday with our endurance race.

The weekend started out pretty easy going and laid back with the first folks making it to the track around mid-day on friday afternoon. Lots of idle chat, catching up, and smack talk about recent events took place, and the atmosphere was just as nice as it could be. Saturday morning was a little more serious. People were intenetly working on their set ups, and trying to get every last bit of testing out of the car and track. Also, with the elevated track, people were trying to get used to the latest shifts in the tiles.

Right before qualifying we did a good once over for the track, cleaned up all the warm-up/practice debris, and got all the bubbles out of the RCP itself. I added some extra double sided tape, and we also added some spacers to hold the track in place. Ive never had trouble with it shifting during a race before, but Ive never raced for more than 10 minutes on these elevations either. This was going to be a test of the design of my modular elevations, as well as testing the endurance of the racers/cars.

As we cleared the track for the drivers meeting I could see a track room full of serious faces.....the looks of warriors ready to throw down in an all-out, four hour RCP battle festival :D The drivers meeting ran a little long, as the rules really needed going over. I didnt pass them out early enough for every one to get their questions and concerns out in the open, so I was open to discussion about the things I changed from reflex's original rulings. The changes were minor, and we sorted them out like adults, and got on with the show.

Qualifying was a 30 minute open track session in which every one had as many laps as they wanted to try and throw down their very best hot lap. Pretty early on reflex jumped out to about a three tenth lead on any one else in the field. It seemed they had it wrapped up, and were back in the pits as the rest of us gave chase and sorted oursleves out. All of a sudden Rodney (AMP) and Eric (Weaver) started really working the laps down. They were all creeping down to that 11 flat bar that had been set early on by reflex. I think we ended up right at 11 flat, but Rodney got down to an 10.9 and forced reflex to come back out on the track. I cant remember which driver came out but it didnt take long for the to push it down to 10.7 or so, which was out of reach for the rest of us. I cant rember exactly what the lap times were, but reflex took the pole. AMP was just under 11 seconds, and Weaver was just over 11 seconds (tenths seperating the two). Matt (ADVAN) put his GT down in the mid 11s, which was impressive and got him to fourth on the grid in front of the final prototype of MWG, and the final GT of SC Racing who were both right around the 12 second mark.

This qualfying session really got the blood flowing, and was a really cool format, IMO. It could have been a tiny bit smoother, but I think a small announcement will fix the only problem I saw with the format. Leaving it 30 minutes long really alleviated the problem, so it was still successful overall, and got the mood set for the main event.

Stay tuned for the race recap (as much as I can do of it from my perspective :D).....

2009.10.12, 10:35 AM
Sounds like the start to a great race. I really wanted to make this race, but it wasnt possible...

I like the qualifying format... Searching for the fastest laps rather than a consistant fast pace.

Look forward to reading the race recap ;)

2009.10.12, 10:36 AM
Im going to try and do this from a spectator point of view, which wil be a little difficult, as I was spectating for half of the race form the drivers stand :D I plan to write up a detailed report from my perspective for GSR, if you guys are interested, Ill post it here as well :D Needless to say, we had some interesting troubles before the race ever started, and the mood for "enduro", and the idea of being fully prepared for it, were weighing pretty heavily on my team mate and I.

We lined up the cars on the stating grid, and every one semeed pretty calm. It wasnt much different then the first gorup of drivers stepping up on the stand for the first qualifier of a regular race day. What would ensue after the horn went off though, was totally different than your typical 5 minute dash for laps :D

At the start the home team (Weaver) planted themsleves on the wall coming down the first hill, and dropped from 3rd to last on the grid within the first couple of turns. The other home team (SC) also had trouble on the start, and the home teams ran together at the back of the field. It didnt take long for Weaver to find a groove, and they started working their way back up through the field. The first few laps were tense for every one. All the practice in the world cant get you ready for the tension you face while under race pressure. The elevations took a few teams a little time to get used to, so the first few minutes were a bit hectic. This played to Weavers advantage as they race every week under the elevated pressure (pun intended :D). As cars made minor mistakes they moved their way up through to get in position to battle for second with AMP. Through the first run it pretty much stayed like this...reflex running away from the pack, AMP and Weaver battling for second, ADVAN in a solid fourth, and MWG and SC going toe to toe for fifth and sixth.

As the first set of pits came around though, things got very interesting. Reflex had built up an 8 or so lap lead, but had to come in first. The 8 lap lead proved to be enough, as they cam back out with a 1 lap cushion over second. Just before their first stop Weaver made a move and got into second place, but then had to come in earlier than AMP. ADVAN was close enough behind that Weaver didnt gap them either, so they came out in fourth place. It seemed like AMP was running forever, but when they finally did make their stop they came out just behind Weaver in fourth place, as ADVAN assumed second. ADVAN (running GT) strecthed their first pit stop to what seemed like 25 or 30 minutes, but when they came in it sent them back to fourth.

Within the next run Reflex really built up a commanding lead, and were looking like they were going to be the early shoe in. We all know what endurance does to cars/drivers in real life, so we could only hope that time would slow their pace down to something the rest of us could contend with. For them though, the second set of stops went much like the first with them coming in, and back out while maintaining the lead. It really made the next group seem interesting though. Again Weaver was the first of the middle pack in, and again they went back to fourth after our stop. AMP came in shortly after , but this time had a lightening fast stop (dont remember if they made a driver swap) and came out in front of Weaver on the same lap. ADVAN was still kicking with a strong set of batteries and cruised in second until their next pit stop. When they came out of the pits though, they were slid back to fourth.

Some time in between the next set of stops Reflex had their first breakage, and the first major breakage we had seen. I think they broke a corner off of their pan car. CT chose to repair it rather than replace it and take the penalty. He got his stuff together really quick, and fixed the body in time enough for Jacob to resume the lead again with a fresh fixed up body. At this point though ADVANs long pit strategy was really paying off, as they moved up to second while AMP and Weaver had to pit yet again. AMP went a little longer again, and this time it had moved them up in front of Weaver by 2 laps. MWG was running a little faster than SC racing up to this point, but SC racings pit strategy had them running right with proto car of MWG. There were numerous position changes between the two of them, and a constant strategy battle in the pits to gain some advantage over the other competitor.

By this point every ones pit strategies had them seperated and differnt stop schedules. It was really neat to watch the positions of 2nd through 4th (and 5th and 6th) swap every few minutes depending on who pitted, who driver swapped, etc. It was any ones game at this point, and all of us wanted second....BAD :D

I guess it was about an hour into the race, and our first foul weather was approaching. Every one got prepped in the pits to make the switch to rain tires (ASCs), and when the rain started it was mayhem. There was one team with a wet set up, and one team with a driver prepared for the wet, and it was obvious that every one else was totally unprepared. Team Weaver sped off to a commanding victory for the rain stage. They made up 5 laps on the leader in the 5 minute stint, and reclaimed second place by putting 2 laps on AMP, who was the only other car even making any ground on the track. With the pit strategies really playing out, it was interesting when the rain stage ended. Weaver decided to leave "rain" battereis in, and get back out on the track quick. AMP had a lightening fast pit stop, and got back out on the track first. Weaver came out about a lap later, but still had their radio set for rain. Thinking the battereis must have died, they came in for another pit stop, and gave up any laps they had gained in the rain, and then some. Upon realizing new batteries didnt fix the problem, the radio issue was found, and they resumed from fourth, and tried to correct their mistake. The rain stage didnt really mix up the rest of the field, as no one else made/lost any significant gorund over the people around them.

By the mid point of the race, things were pretty settled down. Weaver, AMP, and ADVAN were all still battling for position, but they were all trading positions based on pit timing. Weaver had made it out far enough ahead of ADVAN they they werent contesting for second any more, but AMP was right in the window where they were going from second to fourth depending on how ADVAN and Weavers pits compared to their own. MWG and SC were constantly trading positions, and trying to gain an advantage on each other. It seemed like when one did well in the pits, something went worng on the track. When things went right on the track, there were delays in the pits. This battle continued profusely, until SC started dropping laps. They had a transponder wire failure, and lost almost 30 laps before noticing it happened. When they cam back out, they came with a vengance and starting making ground back up on MWG. I think it got back down to like 17 laps from more than 30 (if memory serves me correctly).

In the mean time a second stint of foul weather arose. Teams were a bit more prepared this time, and I think every one had a better idea of what to expect. Weaver came out blazing and flying past most of the field, as AMP was very steady and didnt make many mistakes again, but this time ADVAN had a rain ready car, and Matt Ward hammered down some great laps. It was a toss up between ADVAN and Weaver for who turned the most laps this stint, but ADVAN clearly had a much better car then they had the first time out. Reflex and MWG moved along at about the same pace as before, trying just to make as many laps as they could for the stint, but SC racing chose to leave their car off the track, and get it prepped for the next dry run. Doing this got them onto the track first as weather cleared, and every came in for their "dry" tires. They came out flying trying desperately to make up the time they had lost to the harness, and rain stage. AMP had another amazingly fast pit stop, and were on the track seemingly right after SC. Weaver had another bobble in the pits, and were last out onto the track, but in a solid second place, as it wasnt nearly as detrimental as their first 'bobble'.

To Be continued........

2009.10.12, 01:28 PM
Great writing Landon! Do you mind if I use this as the write up for the site? I will edit a couple of things, but obviously you'll get full credit for writing it...

I had so much fun.

What broke in our car was the side clip on the body. I was able to repair it in under 2 minutes, so we lost only 10 laps while we currently held a 20 lap lead... Our clip fell off twice during the race, so we had to be on our feet and be careful not to overdrive and break the body all together. If we would have changed bodies, it would have been a 15 minute penalty, which would have been like 75 laps, which would have put us and second place very close together...

We had SSOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! It is amazing that these little cars can run so well for so long.

We ran a total of 2 Sets of tires for the durations of qualifying, practice and the 4 hour race during the event. What was most interesting to Jacob and I was the tire fade during the stints. We started with some slightly bigger diameter SSG's (new product nobody noticed :P) so they were not as fast at the beginning of the stint as "prime" sized tires. About an hour into the tire's life, they would get so much faster that we were able to run about 4-5 tenths of a second faster per lap.

There was so many different elements into the race that were so unexpected and challenging to overcome. It definitely felt like a much more realistic replica of full size racing.

Overall, it was incredible. Makes me want to race another endurance ASAP!!! The experience was out of this world, to go so fast, for so long. Our arms got tired , our hands cramped, we came in to pit lane to work on the car, change batteries, change tires, run a rain stage, change batteries, change drivers, driving strategies, pace of the race, to extend pit windows. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I think Landon was able to carry on with the vision of the upcoming Mini Le Mans series we are putting together for next year. If anyone out there wants a sure thrill in which not only are you racing against other ones on the track, but also your selves and your strategies, you have to attend to the first of the North American Endurance series in late Winter/ Early Spring.

2009.10.12, 02:45 PM
After the second rain stage the excitement seemed to flatten out for a bit with people riding in their respective positions and gaining little to no ground on the people around them.

Well, that was the case with every one but AMP and Weaver. They had put a considerable amount of distance between themselves and ADVAN (about 30-35 laps), and were still a considerable amount behind Reflex, but were still going at each other tooth and nail, looking for every spare second on and off the track. I think Weaver had a little advantage on the track, but AMP had slightly longer run times, and significantly faster pit stops, which was building up for a mad dash in the last stints. Somewhere around the 3/4 mark AMP had a major malfunction with their motor. I think it was a brush gone bad, but whatever it was, it cost them. They had to come into the pits and change out a motor, which net them about a 5 minute pit stop. They had been faster than Weaver at times, but it was going to take somewhat of a miracle for them to make up the time lost, as the two teams had been running so close for the entire race up to this point. In reality, it put their podium finish up for grabs, as they came out only 7 laps ahead of ADVAN, but 40 laps behind Weaver. ADVAN was on the march after their impressive second rain stage, and seemed determined to get back up into the mix for second and third, and I could see them focusing more than ever trying to lay down fast and consistant laps.

The last part of the race though, was all about AMP! They spread themsleves away from ADVAN pretty quickly, and were determined to make a race out of second again. Without Weaver having some equipment failure, or faulty pitting, it was going to be tough for them, but they hadnt given up hope, and it almost seemed like putting in a fresh motor gave fresh life, as they were faster after the swap than I had seen them all day.

Down further in the pack SC racing was trying to dig out of their hole, and were doing pretty dang well, chopping off a few laps at a time, and getting back within a few pit cycles of MWG racing. Their strategy in the second rain stage really paid off, as they had been gaining ground with a good handling car ever since that session. To their disappointment, another transponder failure hit them hard. This time it took them almost 4 minutes to notice it. Once it was repaired, it only lasted for a few laps, then went down again, and didnt work again until it was entirely replaced with a new one. All in all, I counted up an estimated 20 minutes that SC Racing lost due to the transponder not counting. Apparently all of them werent even noticed since it was going in and out randomly. Next time you guys need to change out the harness at first notice of something fishy!

Weaver could blatently see AMP coming for them, and moving the gap down. They didnt seem fazed, and pressed on, milking their gap and nursing their damaged front end. With about 20 minutes to go there was some excitement. A seemingly small crash with another car sent Weavers car into an uncontrolable state. They pulled it in and inspected it, and sent it right back out to try and finish out the race. The handling was atrocious and it looked like Eric was trying to drive with his eyes closed :eek: When he brought it back in they found a broken rear left wheel. After a quick swap, they went back out and maintained their 2nd place. At this time there was only about 10 minutes left in the race, and they had almost 20 laps over AMP. AMP continued to press on to narrow the gap to 17, but there just wasnt enough time to drag them in.

All in all, it was a very exciting race. There was close, fast racing, with tons of strategy and pitting. It was probably the most realistic race Ive ever been to, as far as relating to 1:1 scale racing. You just dont get to witness the things we did in your regular heats and mains. Throw the elevations and rain stages in, and youve got a recipe for unique, un-matched racing!

Here are the results! Sorry, the CPU we used isnt on the net, so I had to type these in, so there isnt a full lap breakdown or anything.

1st - Reflex Racing - Jacob Feinstein/Cristian Tabush - 1053 laps in 4:00:08.
2nd - Team Weaver - Eric Hanna/Landon Thompson - 978 laps in 4:00:08.
3rd - AMP Racing - Rodney Combs/Mike Morse/Wade Smith - 957 laps in 4:00:11
4th - Team ADVAN - Collin Hanna/Matt Ward - 933 laps in 4:00:03
5th - MWG Racing Inc. - Connor Combs/James Pickard/Josh Smith - 780 laps in 4:00:07
6th - SC Racing - Chad Millward/Steven Williamson - 743 laps in 4:00:08

Prototype Class:
1st - Reflex Racing
2nd - Team Weaver
3rd - AMP Racing
4th - MWG Racing Inc.

GT Class:
1st - Team ADVAN
2nd - SC Racing

2009.10.12, 04:21 PM
Excellent write-up Landon, you really did a fantastic job painting a picture. But even the best write-up cannot describe how truly exciting and fun the racing was. For me, it was amazing to find so many more variables thrown in: foul weather (very foul for us especially ;)), tire degradation, pit strategy, battery conservation, all elements that are minmal or missing entirely from the traditional racing format. Like Cristian mentioned, the most interesting part of the racing for us was to see how the tire diameter made such a MASSIVE difference in the way the car behaved. I felt like driving the car for so long really gave us the opportunity to know the car and the way it behaves in optimal and adverse conditions, which in turn taught us a lot about how to tune with tires. And the layout was hands-down the most challenging track I've ever raced on. It really forced us to improvise...because every lap the car reacted to the bumps differently. There were multiple aspects of driving the lap. We had to push the car but constantly be ready to correct, especially in the fast sections. It really is the kind of layout that can wear a driver out. But I have to commend Landon's creativity because I truly haven't seen anything like it. It was so great to meet new people so committed to the promotion of Mini-Z, and to learn and share setup ideas and racing philosophies. Thank you Landon and Cristian, and everybody else involved, for putting on one of the most enjoyable races I have raced. I can definitely say that Reflex are pumped for the next one!

2009.10.12, 04:41 PM
very well written and pleasure to read. reminds me of our attempt to get endurance racing into the main stream back in 2008. (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25427&highlight=endurance)

any pictures?

2009.10.12, 04:44 PM
Yah, Cristian just called me and won't shut up about how much fun it was... :)

I remember doing an enduro back in Houston and it was a blast! This could be the next big thing for keeping Mini-Z's fun and fresh even to us old-timers... :D

2009.10.12, 04:57 PM
i've been saying that for years ;) i still think we can end up challenging the germans with thier 12hour event:p that was the inspiration for our attempt to get endurance racing back on the map.

RR took it to the next level though:p wish i could have been there.

2009.10.12, 06:23 PM
Jacob, did Cristian say how long it would be before he got all the photos up as well as the You-tube stuff he was doing? where is he putting them? Will he get any of them here or will they all be on the Reflex site? I hope he got a shot of the look on your face during your first lap in the rain.

2009.10.12, 07:46 PM
This was a great event some good racing and lots of fun I am glad to hear it was enjoyed. I heard some grumbling about driving but for the range of ages, experance, and equipment I thought for 4 hours everyone did a great job and kept their cool. Real sorry about Team SC and the glitch with the transponder they were much faster than the lapcounter gave them credit for, with so many cars going through every 10 to 12 seconds the beeps were so fast and often,identify one was missing was hard to do. Landon and Andy always put together a great event thanks for what both of you do to keep MiniZ racing here in Myrtle Beach. For our visting teams it was great to have all of you here the MiniZ racers are a great group no matter where they might come from. it was great to see some of you back and others here for the first hopefuly we will see all of you again in the future. TBONE!!!

2009.10.12, 09:06 PM
I'm building a page on the reflex site with all the photos, like I did with the Diablo... I will post the link to all the videos I took on there as well as they will go up on our YouTube page... I will try to get them up by tomorrow night... Got lot's of cool stuff going up on the site this week :P

2009.10.12, 09:09 PM
BTW, Landon took it to the next level. I merely drew up the "outline of the race" the event was all Landon's. This is what I want to do with the Endurance race series. It will be a series for the clubs, run by the clubs. I already have the pages built on the Reflex Web's template. At least at the beginning, while I am trying to get it off the ground, it will be on the site.

I guess I will start a thread about it and post the links to the pages starting tonight...

2009.10.13, 07:09 AM
CT - Feel free to use whatever of the write up you choose, and also feel free to edit anything youd like. I tried to write it out in as descriptive of a manner as I could without it getting too boring :D The problem is though, Im writing this as an observer/reporter, when in actuality I was a particpant. Basically my view may be a little skewed (as seen form a lot more description on the Weaver/AMP/ADVAN battles), and I missed a lot of stuff. Also, my chronological memory is probably a little off with where some of the events happened in realtion to each other. It should accomplish what I wanted though, and give the feel of the race day to those who werent able to attend, and let them know how their racing buddeis faired in this event.

Ill have video clips and pictures posted sometime this week. IDK how Im going to do the video. Chris compiled almost 90 minutes of clips and footage that I need to go through and edit down. Hopefully by the end of the week, Ill have something. Im not very good at editing though, so if anyone wants to take on the task of hooking us up with an event video, that would be complete awesome-ness :D If I do it myself, itll be boring and music-less, but itll be something good enough to see some of the racing/pitting. :D

Now, on to some important things that dont need to be forgotten. IMO, maybe I should have mentioned these things first. I have to give a huge thanks to Tannie and Chris who chose to come out and support our club and the event. These guys spent the entire day helping out and running the actual race so I could focus on my car. They did a very good job at keeping every one informed about where they stood (another monitor would have helped them immensely), and keeping the racing clean (with our helps of course :D), and the rules clear. Tannie was also an awesome weather man, and called the weather stages as clearly and consisely as I could have asked.

We also had two non-miniZ racing volunteer turn marshalls who came out to spectate the event and help out on the corners. This was a huge help, because initially I intended for the teams to provide the marshalls. A Huge thanks goes out to Serrano and Antonio on that one! Thanks a TON guys!

We had Daddy Rabbit who came in and opened on saturday morning which is a huge help to me....well all of you too, cause if it was up to me, we would have started practie two hours later, lol. Much to my surprise he stuck around and closed it down that night when every one finally lingered out the door. He also grilled up some hot dog goodness so no one had to leave for food, so Ive got to give it up for him! Thanks Andy/Andre/Daddy Rabbit/Dad :D

Chad also stuck around friday night to keep the doors open for some extra time friday, so a big thanks goes out to him too.

Having guys like Chad, Tannie, Chris, and Andy who are willing to help really makes these events go a lot smoother, and honeslty from a selfish stand point, make it a LOT easier on me :D Im glad to have them supporting our club, and our events, and they give me confidence to continue to do this, so us south easterners have some where to get together and race!

A big thanks for CT for coming up with this idea, and letting me have ome say in how things went down. I know the reflex series has been kind of up in the air, but hopefully now this will net us some attention and interest. I know for a fact it will prvide some much needed motivation for me to try and help get this thing kicked off for next year! Thanks for coming out and supporting it with your team as well. Even though it wasnt as big and grand as we originally thought it owuld be, I think it served the purpose that we need it to. I hope it was worth the long ride for you guys.

had to split into two parts for length :confused:

2009.10.13, 07:10 AM
Lastly, but definitely not least, Ive got to thank you racers for coming out and particpating with us!

Matt, I know we put you with an 11 year old, but youve got to admit, C-Lo held it down for you as a second driver :D He is one of the most repectful, curteous and professional drivers Ive ever run with, and he didnt disappoint me with the maturity he shown this weekend. I hope he was strong enough that you had a good enough time to come back and do it again. You guys dominated the GT class, and had some strong runs at some of the top prototype cars. There for a while, it looked like you going to be on the overall podium (even as high as second) :eek:

James, It was good to have you in our race room again, and even though I just saw you two weeks agao, it was still pretty cool this time too ;) All kidding aside, I know your team mate didnt make it down, and everything didnt go your way just perfectly, but I hope you atleast enjoyed yourself and feel it was worth the trip down. I hope you arent turned off to endurance racing, and mostly, I hope you arent turned off to coming down to another event! The next one will be more standard of course :D

The rest of the HSH crew. You guys rocked it out again with your Orange land rocket :D Its always a pleasure running with you guys, and the competition level between us is always so tight. Its really neat how the top guys at y'alls track are so close to the top guys at ours. Its really interesting too, that the next levels match up so evenly as well. We will all have motivation to get better the more we get together! I know I better be a lot faster the next time I run at HSH if I want to have any shot at you guys :D

Man, I typed this yesterday right after the race results....guess I didnt hit submit :(

2009.10.13, 07:29 AM
EMU - We wish you could have made it. Id love to get you down here to our track room someday to check it out. I know the way you like challenges....I think youd fall in love with our track set up :D

Arch - I was hoping we would have seen more of your crew down here. Matt always shows well with our group, and Jeremy fell right in as well. Ive always wondered about the rest of your guys, and I swear it seemed to me that you guys used to travel a lot when I first started following these forums. If you guys get in on the host races for next years series, our teams would most definitely come out and join you guys. Heck, even if its not in the reflex series, well come out and support ya :D Ill have some pics up shortly. The Reflex guys took most of them, so hopefully CT will flood his site with some to share :D

Jacob - It was a pleausre to meet you and your father. You guys are a top notch family, and are welcome back to SC whenever you want to visit. I had a good time running with you, even though mostly it was just pulling over, or wrecking bhind/in front of you trying to keep your pace :D The rain stage was priceless to me, but I wont tell every one about it, lol. We'll let the video do the talking :p For real though, you are an awesome wheel man, and it was very cool to be on the track with you for so many laps. Im glad you enjoyed the track, and hope it motivates you guys to do something a little more "out of the box" when you guys get a location for a permenant track in Houston.

Joe - Ive been calling my friends and talking no-stop about this event too, lol. I had no idea endurance racing had so much to offer. We are allready talking about doing a 1 hour/1 man enduro series for the winter at our local track. Every one that participated had a blast, and evry one that didnt, wishes they would have :D

2EZ - I lol'ed at TBONE :D I cant say enough thanks for what you did for us on saturday my man! I totally appreciate it, and Ill be looking to you for back-up at future events.

CT - Thanks for the props on the event dude. It really was our creation though. I just tried to figure out the best way to implement our best ideas, and I think every thing went really well. It would have been the ultimate had we done a night stage. Nothing would have been left un-done. :D Next time.....next time.....:D

Daddy Rabbit
2009.10.13, 09:14 AM
Now that LT has slowed down:D
I would like to say that was some excellent and descriptive writing!!!
Thanks to all the out of towners for the support,
HSH guys, we feel like we are close enough to be sister clubs, we always look forward to getting together with gentlemen of the sport.
Reflex Racing, it was good meeting you again CT and it was a great pleasure meeting you Jacob and your father. Hope to see you all in Texas for a race:)
What can I say about the help we got from T Man, Chris, Serrano and Antonio, you guys helped make it more enjoyable and possible, THANKS!!!
Of coarse thanks to all the local racers that were involved.
And last but not least, thanks to my son for igniting the competive juices in this old man;)
I wll be competing in the next one, for sure.:p

2009.10.14, 08:03 AM
Okay, so here are soem pictures. I hope CT can get the ones they took up soon though, as most of the ones we got didnt take too well. Im going to select some of the clearer ones, but feel free to browse the albumn and check them all out. Also, if you see anything good I missed link it up :D

All photo link: http://s671.photobucket.com/albums/vv77/MBMZR/20091010%20reflex%204hr%20enduro/

Couple drivers stand shots...



Random shots....







2009.10.14, 11:36 AM
Great write up Landon, and an even better event :cool:. Everything was ran very professionally and smooth as glass. The track layout was by far the most challenging I've ever seen and the multiple levels definitely added a whole new dimension. I hate that my Mad Mexican :mad: team mate was unable to make it, but I still had a good time. However, next time there will be more preparation and a better setup. I also have to commend Josh and Connor who ran on my team :D. Considering that Josh found out the night before and Connor the afternoon of, that's not too bad. Neither of them had ever seen or drove the car, neither have ever driven a 2.4, and everyone used my radio :eek:. On top of that, we did no track tuning at all. The only thing that got changed from the time I got there to the time I left was an H-Plate that broke during the race. So, for both of them to hold it together on a very difficult track with a too fast car that didn't handle well and no practice for a 4 hour race.......that says a lot ;). Don't worry though, I'll be back to your underground laire in the future. But next time I'll have more sleep and be loaded for BEAR :eek: !

Daddy Rabbit
2009.10.14, 03:32 PM
It's good to hear that James and thanks for coming.

2009.10.14, 06:13 PM
Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm definitely racing this enduro series once it's here in Cali.

Thanks for posting up the pics!

2009.10.14, 07:04 PM

I knew Collin would be a great teammate for this race, I had sesn him drive before and knew he was very clean and consistant. I will definitly be back for the next one, I've always liked the endurance racing format and this took it to the next level. Like I told you before, for the next race you need to use the same layout but SUPERSIZE it:D. Three wide straights would be nice to help allow proto's to get pass the GT's since that is the area they make up the most ground.

I'd really like to thank you and Cristian/Reflex for putting this race on. Also a big thanks to the volunteer marshalls and Daddy Rabbit for cooking and coming in Saturday morning to open the track for us.

I look forward to the next one, see you guys there.

2009.10.16, 03:54 AM
Alright, it's late, so I am done for today. I will hotlink the pics for tomorrow... At least you get the really big track shot...

2009.10.16, 12:43 PM
what rear pod were you using ct ?

2009.10.16, 01:00 PM
PN 94/98 V2 motor pod... I was running 96mm...

2009.10.16, 01:41 PM
CT: I noticed that your motor choice was 35 turn. For endurance, I would think you'd want to run something like the PN70 motor, especially knowing that you won't be able to use it's potential power on this track. With the mod motor, how long did each batt packs lasted before pitting?

Nice track and pit space btw. We actually have this track pic (old layout) saved in our PC's wall screen at the shop. Very unique!

2009.10.16, 02:13 PM
Different strategies are necessary to achieve different results. In our case, we tried slower motors, but with the up hill climbs of the track we really needed an extra bit of umph to get around the track. We combined our 35 turn with Orion 750's for the race. We were going anywhere from 17-20 minutes on 1 set of batteries :P (How about that Grant?! ;) ) which proved to be sufficient. The stock cars were all going 18-22 minutes and our lap times were considerably faster. When calculating an extra pit-stop gained by using a slower motor, we still came up short on time, vs what we could make up with a more powerful motor on the track.

To me this was the ultimate proof of our drive train parts and how efficient as well as durable they are. I still have my original 64 pitch , 53T Spur gear installed on my car and it still looks like new... :o

Oh, and we were able to use the power on the track. You can ask anyone that was there! This car is literally the best Pan Car I have ever driven...

2009.10.16, 02:22 PM
Big pics are up on the article page. Videos are soon to follow...

2009.10.21, 10:17 AM
So, Ive been out of town for a bit now, so I wanted to cth up o nthings a bit. I havent had a change to even watc hall the video fottge, but its a goal of mine to get something worked on and posted up pretty soon :D

Also, sorry about the late replies :D

Im glad you had a good time. Josh and Conner both did well for their little time with the car. We really missed Jay though :D I always like having him around....

TJay, Youll definitely like the enduro format if you havent done one yet. Its like nothing else Ive ever done with Zs. It really took the realism to the next level.

Thanks for the heavy compliments about the track and pit space. Its an honor to know that some of the greats in the miniZ word see our track when they look at their counter CPU :D We work hard to keep things interesting, and as cutting edge as we can here at MBMZR, its good to know there is some appreciation for it, even outside of the track room :D

As far as CTs motor/gearing choice, he definitely had a fast car, and both of the drivers got the power down on the track very well. When he told me the motor he was using, I thought there would be some advantage in our direction on pit duration, but it wasnt there. I think part of that is brought in by the fact that he was running 9/53 gearing, where we were running 11/53 on a Speedy07 motor. Our gearing put a little ore drain on the batteries, and that kind of planed it out a little. Id like to know what the AMP guys were doing. They were running a hotter motor than us, and going longer than us or reflex between stops. Of course battery conditioning plays a big part too.

CT - nice pics and web page! Thanks a lot for helping us get this kiked off! Icant wait til the series next year! Also, give me a call when you get a minute. Ive got some info I need from you, and Id like to go ahead and get an order placed as well :D

2009.10.21, 12:36 PM
We were running an Atomic stock motor geared 12/53 with 1000mah Sanyo batteries charged at 700MAH on LaCrosse chargers. Our worst set of batteries gave us 27minutes. The best was nearly 40 minutes. If we had one more driver so I didn't have to slow us down it would have been interesting.

I did truly love the rain section though. That's the most fun Iv'e had with an RC car in quite a while. Just like in 1/1 scale the weather is an equalizer.

2009.10.21, 01:00 PM
Our longest run was about 30-35 minutes on 1 set of Sanyo 1000's. These were the batteries we ran in the rain stage, since they have so much less power than R1/Orion 750s. A beneficial side effect was the long run time we could get. Mind you that the 35 minutes included the pit stop to change from Rain Tires Back to Dry as well as the 10 minute rain stage which used up very little power...

Landon, I'll call you in a bit...

Daddy Rabbit
2009.11.02, 08:51 AM
Great write up on page 143.
Hopefully we will see you at the next enduro, in Texas or up north.
Good luck with the series, it is a great format.