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2009.03.02, 08:58 AM
Hope I can get some help here, Got a bunch of RCP Track and a lap counter to go with it. Unfortunately no paperwork on how to set it up. I have downloaded the software and it look great. Is there a power adapter that plugs into the Core Timing silver box and if there is can you tell me where I can get one and what power rating should it be. Thanks for your help folks.

Thom B

2009.03.02, 09:13 AM
Welcome to Mini-zracer.com :)

the timing system is powered directly from your computer using the USB cable.

do you have the software? it's a pretty simple software to use.

I cut the cable in to the underside of my starting grid, but I also had good luck taping it to a think cardboard and setting under the track. you will want to space the loop at 12" across.

2009.03.02, 01:56 PM
Thanks for your help. I have connected it to the computer via the usb port. It actually has two usb plugs on it. But it seems to get no power and wont register the rfid tags. I have the software and it appears to run a race correctly but again wont register the tags. Perhaps I don't have the software correctly configured with the com ports or something? It appears like there are two small lights on the silver box that do not light up. I don't know if they are supposed to. Thom

2009.03.02, 02:00 PM
The "CORE" software won't even start if it doesn't recognized the silver box. Are your tags actual CORE SPEEDWAY tags?


2009.03.02, 03:01 PM
you should only need to use 1 of the USB plugs. Byebye is correct the software won't even start if the timer isn't plugged into the computer. If the software does start than it is recognizing the hardware.

if the tags are Corespeedway tags, you should be able to set them inside the "loop", hit scan and it will read the tag.

if it won't read the tag the may not be core tags.

2009.03.02, 03:16 PM
you have to scan the tags in the first time, then you can use the manager to add racers to the race.

if you haven't scanned the cars into the race it won't read them.

2009.03.02, 05:01 PM
Ok try to get it to work using only one usb plug. Thom B

2009.03.02, 06:11 PM
I sent you a PM, give me a call and I'll walk you though it.