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2009.03.03, 06:49 AM
hi, i purchase the ad band unit (ics6) and i buy just the unit without the module, i have ex-10 and mini-z module (oreng rf-501a) i install the unit and its don't work, now from what i understand i need the green module (rf-501ad). i didn't fine any stor that sell it without the all isc unit.
please smone can show me where i can find it, or if that have any conversion that i can do with my on module that i have now (rf-501a).
thx for the help.

2009.03.03, 08:02 PM
Hello Adir,

The AD set is usually sold with the module for the radio and the board for the car as a set. You need to find someone who will sell you the module alone or get ready to build another car.

Personally I love the AD setup. It has great response and increased power output from what I have experienced with AM boards. When the 2.4 Mini-Z module came out for the EX-10 I tried it with a MR-02. I liked it so much that I have switched all my MA-010s, MR-015 and MR-02s over. Even with my big switch, I still have a MR-02 with my AD board, I can't part with it. I have to run it every second or third trip to the track.

I hope you find a module soon, you will be rewarded.