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2009.03.04, 07:34 AM
I dunno if there's a thread like this anywhere else but since I didn't find any on other less apropriate sections I decided to start one myself.
This is for all you that also do model kits to post your pics of custom jobs, anything counts, even WIP. :)

I can start with my current WIP, it's a Toyota Celica GT-R from Tamiya


The story about this one:
-Bought it back in 2004 at a discount store that was about to close, gave less than half the price it cost at the time. The original idea was to use it as a 1/24 scale custom fwd slotcar, the theme was japanese expressway racers so I was going to give it a Wangan Midnight look-a-like appearence. Started by opening a vent on the hood...
...and test fitting a set of original RX-7 wheels, don't remember why I wanted those.
Cutted the hood from the body thinking I'de do a engine look cover for the electric motor which I actually never did.
Started to do the "what-was-I-thinking" stand for custom lights and grille that end up a mess because I didn't knew how to work putty, ended up looking horrible.
Fortunatly I did do one thing right, cut the tiny twin tips from the muffler and made a single larger one.
Than I made the custom grille that looked like something taken out of a chinese knockoff of the Celica, bad idea.

Continues the next post...

2009.03.04, 07:46 AM

And as if that wasn't enough damage to the kit, I even made a creepy bodykit out of a lot of putty and a piece of a cellcard...
Salvation of this kit came when the slotclub abolished the japanese expressway racers theme, so I stopped the whole thing and kept it boxed for 3 years.

In the middle of 2007 I took it out of the box and had the idea of customizing the original parts to work as a fwd rc chassis, but I abandoned that idea even sooner than the first one that I didn’t even took pics of the progress and the kit was boxed once again.

It waited until January of 2009 for me to take it out once again and see what parts I could use for other models, but I was surprised to see that all the pieces I made of putty came off due to bad curing. I had a good kit to use now so I started googling pics of Celicas for inspiration and I came across this one...
...it made me think about the idea of a rwd Celica for drifting. I had a box of old R32 Skyline parts that included an RB26 engine with gearbox, a whole rear with bottom suspension arms and differential. Since the Celica didn’t had a engine included and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing a 2JZ from scratch, I opted for the R32 parts. Cutted the whole section where the fake oil pan was and opened the middle so the RB26’s gearbox would fit, this made me do some serious cutting on the chassis and I’ll have to give it some reinforcement later.
As for the rear, unfortunatly the spare tire section and the middle of the rear axle were jamming the way for the rear differential so I had to cut those as well.
The gearbox had a link for the front differential, I cut that so I can later fill the space with putty round it up to look like it’s a GTS gearbox.
The body now has the front turn signals filled with putty because I’m going to reshape the bumper.
And that’s all for now, next step will be shaving the side flares (!? Dunno if that’s the correct word for it) and fill the cut section of the gearbox with putty. I’ll post progress later. :)

Post your custom models too! :D

2009.03.04, 11:02 AM
Thank you, I was going to start a thread similar to this myselfe with members showing off their model cars.
I'm about to start a Mazda RX7 FC3S from Fujimi from the Initial D series. It's the same RX7 kit they use for other FC3S's, with optional body parts including a large air-dam, clear head light covers, meaning they stay flat and don't pop up, large wing et'c.
I'm going to build mine up useing the Initial D parts, but going to paint it useing the same gray I painted my rescent Toyota Altezza. Gonna carbon-fiber the hood, put some racing seats in it, and would like to find a nicer set of wheels for it other than what came with the kit.
So thank's for starting this thread! I will post when I start the project, right now I've gotta get some supplies!

2009.03.04, 04:24 PM
Good, good. Do that, it's always nice to see what others are doing for ideas. :)
I could skip the story but I love to write about what I do, hehe. :p

Continuing the Celica progress...

It's now flareless and the original shocks were adapted to fit the Skyline rear arms.

Next step, fitting the Skyline rear set on the Celica chassis. :cool:

2009.03.04, 08:32 PM
Here's my project. Initial D Mazda RX7 FC3S from Fujimi, but not done in Initial D form. This model kit has options for making the highly modified Maria version. I'm pretty sure that was the name of the car, I'll have to google it to be sure and if I find it, I'll post pic's of the real car as well.
I plan on useing the same metallic gray I used on my Toyota Altezza, I still have lot's of it left over, it look's great, and is easy to paint with!
I'm not sure about a couple of details, but here it is so far.
This is the basic package.
The RX7 has optional headlight designs. The traditional pop-up's, or the modified lay-flat style. I chose the lay-flat design and cut out the headlight covers.
I did however chose the Initial D style air-dam simply cause it was the best looking of the bunch they had for options. One was really wild and too big for the rest of the car's styling.
Standard rear wing.
Optional Maria rear hatch. Not sure if I want to use this or not.
Here is an example of how it would look resting on the car.
An optional spare wheel I had laying around. Would rather find a set of gold BBS rims made by Aoshima as optional 1/24 scale wheels.
Or the Initial D white wheels, which I dont' think will suit this style.

Well, just tried googling for this particular RX7, and I can't find anything on it. Could I have the name wrong? I think it was a special company that existed in the 80's that modified RX7's, not sure. I'm almost positive I have the name right though.

2009.03.04, 10:30 PM
Here's some truck kits I bashed about 15 years ago. The 72' GMC was mostly box stock, but I chopped the roof down. With added parts box 350 motor and side mufflers. The 55' chevy was built on a Lamborghini Diablo chassis, extended and grafted to the body.

2009.03.05, 03:46 AM
Very nice trucks you got there, HammerZ. ;)

That FC will rock marc, keep us updated. :D

2009.03.05, 09:21 AM
As I said, I tried finding pictures of the real car, but had no luck googling it. I'm not sure about the headlights. Meaning, I'm not sure if I should putty in the cracks and make it all smooth as if a one peice unit, or if the headlight buckets are supposed to be seperate and if I should leave'em alone. I'm also not sure about the rear hatch. Any suggestions?

2009.03.05, 10:52 AM
That body looks to be from another kit, maybe it was misboxed in that Initial D box.
I don't think you'de go as outrageous as I would, but here is my sugestion for that particular model :p


2009.03.05, 11:44 AM
Cool pic! That's the look I'm going for with the headlights, but I dont' have that style air-dam. Instead I'm useing the Initial D air-dam as it's the best look in the kit. I may just go ahead with the glass rear hatch for a cleaner look. Still can't tell from that picture if I should smooth in the headlight bucket's or not. They already look pretty clean, from carefull trimming and sanding. But, still see the seperation between parts. I'll also be useing the Initial D style mirror's as their very sleak and aerodynamic.

About the kit, as I said earlier, they provide the same parts in all/most FC3S kit's as I've seen this same stuff in their Inch-Up series and aero series et'c. I think for the Initial D series, they just added the extra bumper, mirrors, et'c. I actually have two of these kit's and their identical, so I dont' think it's a missed-match kit at all.
Whats interesting about these kit's, is that they have a special chassis which was made for an optional motorized system. Not RC, just point the wheels, turn on a switch, and watch the car go. This was way before Mini-Z's I suppose! LOL!

2009.03.05, 12:51 PM
I decided to smooth in the headlight buckets for a cleaner look. While trying to find that Maria, I have seen several headlight options for this car including the glass-covered lights, and none-glass covered lay-flat lights that look bolted in.
So, I added some putty to the edges and when dried I'll start sanding smooth.
Make sure when you build your kits, that you smooth out the seem's. Sometimes it look's like the bodies are put together in peices and you have these ugly seems that are NOT part of the car. So for best results, sand it smooth!

Dr. Kustom
2009.03.06, 10:28 PM
Here's mine. My dad bought me a model kit while he was in HK, he just got back 2 days ago. This will be my first time building a model kit, and here's the start of it.

2009.03.07, 05:31 AM
Very nice, Dr. Kustom. :D
Keep us updated. ;)

Speaking of updates, I've taken my old bank account card and used it as base for my front bumper.
Can you guess what's going to look like? :D


Dr. Kustom
2009.03.07, 08:18 AM
Thanks deloreanaka8.

As for the Celica, are you trying to use an old back card to make a lip for the front bumper?

2009.03.07, 08:21 AM
Yup, I'm going to do a similar style to Uras GT. :p
Like this:


2009.03.07, 10:12 AM
Yup, I'm going to do a similar style to Uras GT. :p
Like this:


That's a nice Supra, I'd just make that!

2009.03.07, 03:17 PM
That's a nice Supra, I'd just make that!

:rolleyes: that my friend marc is an RX7 FC3

2009.03.07, 03:30 PM
Oh right! Oops my mistake for not looking at it closely enough. :) I was thinking Supra since that's what you were doing. Still, very nice RX7!
I'm not sure what to do with my model at this point. I've started working on the chassis which I dont' like to well. It's kind of a cheap chassis in that it was designed to be motorized so doesn't have alot of scale, detail parts. Look's to me like a generic chassis they use for most of their motorized kit's.
Anyway, I was trying to assemble the front wheels and had some difficulty with the suspension arm not ligning up properly with the wheel. It's at an angle which seems to me like it doesn't fit well.
Also, the only wheels I have for it at the moment that fit the poly-caps are the white Initial D wheels. I may put this kit on hold for a while and see if I can find some proper wheels for it. The Initial D wheels are kind of ugly and take away from the look I wanted. They make me want to paint the car white, and I may still do that.
I discovered some paint from Testors the other day a rattle-can Laqure enamel paint that comes in some hot metallic vibrant colors. They say that the paint dries in minutes and is one coat deal. I'm guessing they mean it sprays on as one coat and multiple thin coats aren't needed. I'm tempted to use their white paint which looks like maybe a pearl-ish white?
Anyway, kind of taking my time with this model and not really rushing into it, so it's on hold till I find the right set of wheels. Still wondering what to do with the suspension arm. I'll assemble it as I did previously and post a pic to show you what I mean. COULD be they intended it as camber?

2009.03.07, 08:24 PM
I want to hear more about those Testors paints. I think it is a color coat/ clear coat deal.

Here are some Tamiya R-34 GT-R's I did. The silver one was the first one I built, the blue one is the newer one. I did the insides in greys to lighten them up, black would have been too dark to see the details with.

Chico here makes sure I at least have one ot two missing parts in a buildup.

2009.03.07, 08:42 PM
Nice models there! At first I thought the interiors were done in that fake-fure modelling stuff called faux? Anyway, Scale Motorsports now has it available in spray form for giving objects a textured look.

Those models have that really nice die-cast quality to theme!

I double-checked the "camber" issue with the suspension arm and discovered that the "camber" faces the wrong direction for it to be that kind of an issue. There is something else wrong with it.
Here is a photo of the problem.


It is NOT mounted in incorrectly. It's just the way it is for some reason and I haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

2009.03.08, 06:09 AM
One nice thing with the Japan kits, the parts fit like they are suppose to most of the time. AMT or the old MPC kits, just about everything needs filed or fitted some way or another.

I have the Aoshima kit of Takumi's AE-86. It has the metal springs for the struts. I'm like "why didn't they make an RC car out of this.

I have no idea why that one shot came out all fuzzy.

2009.03.08, 10:02 AM
In my opinion, Fujimi is top of the line, Aoshima next, Tamiya third, and all others wherever they may fall. I like Fujimi best cause of all the exotic and super tuner cars, and allmost all have optional dashboards for left/right hand drive. Their wheels are also more interchangable, their moldings are better, and they just have the coolest cars.
I just wish SOMEBODY would make a 1/24 scale plastic model kit of my car! The Honda Insight! Why isn't there one of that car? Forget about popularity, it's unique!
Anyway, still working on this suspension peice.

2009.03.09, 08:12 PM
Update. I primered my body. Not sure what color to paint it cause of the choice of wheels, but here it is.
I figured out what the issue was with the suspension arm. Some reason, the instructions showed it being mouted backwards. So, I corrected it and it now fit's.
These wheels were taken from a half left-over Toyota Altezza model I never finished and lost peices too. I think these wheels will suit the FC just nicely. Only issue is they happen to be the same color I was planning for the body. Not sure if I want to change the wheel's color, or the bodies color.
I'm thinking of trying that pearl white paint I mentioned earlier in the thread and useing their wet-look clear coat over it. These wheels will look good against a white car with a carbon-fiber hood! If I go white, I'll probably carbonize the hood. Still lot's of thing's to think about. I also thought about painting the wheels gold-leaf.

2009.03.10, 11:05 AM
Well, I screwed up. I was hand-painting one of the wheels gold-leafe and the finish turned out awefull. I think maybe the paint was bad or something. So I dipped it in paint thinner to clean up the paint. Was doing okay but when I pulled the wheel off the axle, the poly-cap twisted and broke the hole where the poly-cap goes into. So, now I'm screwed without any set of wheels for it. I'll still work on the model, but will need to go wheel-shopping for a fresh set.

2009.03.10, 02:51 PM
That sucks, marc. :(
Better luck next time.
I have an interesting idea for you if you're into making custom deepdishes. :)

Btw, marc and okoye I'm sorry to say this but you're both wrong.
It's not a Supra or an FC, it's a 180sx. Google Uras GT and you'll find more pics of it. :p

I have been stalled for these last 2 days because I've been learning how to use AUT0CAD with my dad teaching, takes a bit of time but I'll continue the Celica later. ;)

2009.03.10, 05:24 PM
AutoCad is complicated. I started classes a few years ago about the same time my mom was getting worse from her cancer. I got frusterated with it and with mom's condition I quit. I prefer pen on paper then computer drawing.
I found a nice set of wheels at the LHS to replace the broken ones with and I think their much nicer. They are a six spoke shiny silver almost chrome wheel set from Aoshima. Their called Hasemi Sports Prot-S dress up parts set no.36 if anybody cares. Will post pics soon.
I just mounted the front wheels on useing an extra poly-cap as a spacer to widen the offset to better fit the body. I also glued on the aerodynamic mirrors on and it really gives the car a cool clean look. Will paint either later this evening or tomarrow.
I'm not sure if I want to carbonize the hood or leave it as painted.

2009.03.10, 06:50 PM
New wheels from Aoshima!
And fresh paint!
Don't those mirrors look cool!

And two-tone gray dashboard and seats.
Noticed how the paint wasn't complete on the edges there but gives it an interesting wrinkled leather look?
And what look's like a Momo steering wheel. The gray is hard to see but I two-toned it as well.

2009.03.10, 07:12 PM
I think that the seats look very cool and dash looks good and the colors blend well nice job

2009.03.10, 07:32 PM
Thank's! I've alway's liked two-tone interiors with the main color matching the exterior, and a lighter color for an accent. Having a pure black, tan, whatever color interior is boring. Pure black is just dull and well, dark. Only acception to all black interior would be if you had billet aluminum trim!
I think these seats are actually from a Nissan Nismo model kit as that's what it sais on the "tree".
Hardest part of this model is putting together the interior as it's not a one peice bucket type. You assemble the rear, the walls, dash and seats onto the chassis. A bit confusing.

2009.03.10, 07:43 PM
Today I just joined this great model builders forum.
There's alot of great information, photo's, and experienced builders there. So, thought I should share this with you guy's.

2009.03.10, 07:44 PM
Thank's! I've alway's liked two-tone interiors with the main color matching the exterior, and a lighter color for an accent. Having a pure black, tan, whatever color interior is boring. Pure black is just dull and well, dark. Only acception to all black interior would be if you had billet aluminum trim!
I think these seats are actually from a Nissan Nismo model kit as that's what it sais on the "tree".
Hardest part of this model is putting together the interior as it's not a one peice bucket type. You assemble the rear, the walls, dash and seats onto the chassis. A bit confusing.

ya i know what you mean about those kits i have done a few of them but they turned out ok and have you thought of any colors for the body yet

Dr. Kustom
2009.03.10, 07:52 PM
Here's another update from me, the interior is almost done, just need to paint the roll cage and its done.


2009.03.10, 08:03 PM
ya i know what you mean about those kits i have done a few of them but they turned out ok and have you thought of any colors for the body yet

Um........see post #27 :rolleyes:

2009.03.10, 08:15 PM
Um........see post #27 :rolleyes:

i was talking about the new rims maybe like a black lip would look cool
and sorry for not being clear on that

2009.03.10, 09:01 PM
Not a problem. The new wheels are a nice shiny silvery chromeie color that I will leave alone. If I do a black lip, it'll make it look smaller and I dont' want that.

2009.03.10, 09:39 PM
Not a problem. The new wheels are a nice shiny silvery chromeie color that I will leave alone. If I do a black lip, it'll make it look smaller and I dont' want that.

ya i could see that but it does look good can't wait

2009.03.10, 09:55 PM
Unfortunetly, there was a tiny peice of lint stuck to the roof which I managed to pick off, but it put a little tiny mark in the paint. Not sure how to fix that. I could ignore it by adding another coat ontop of it, but I'm afraid if I want to carbonize the hood, it'll show up as a wrinkle or a dimple in the decal.
If I leave it un-carbonized, meaning bare paint, I can add another coat and leave it alone. What do you think? Think it's worth carbonizing the hood?

2009.03.11, 09:56 AM
A mockup of the build so far. So far, so good unfortunetly, the front wheels are too far in! How can I fix this? Rear wheels are perfect as I had several different axles to choose from. But the fronts? Any suggestions? I've already spaced theme out as far as I knew how with an additional poly-cap between the wheel and suspension arm.
You can see how well the gray's go together!

2009.03.11, 10:04 AM
You can see here how the wheels are put in. Second picture shows the poly-cap spacer.

2009.03.11, 03:34 PM
Some more updates. I painted the bottom side of the body to finish off the skirts and give it a more complete look.
Interior almost done.
Decided upon these wheels as their offset is better than the other ones. And, I decided to give'em a gold finish. I learned a secret from building a previous Koenig Specials model, that if you paint clear yellow ontop of chrome, it gives it a much nicer gold look to it than useing gold paint.
I hate building these types of interiors. I much prefer bucket style where it's all molded as one and all you add is the seats and dashboard.
Speaking of dashboard.
This is one of the most complex dashboards I've had to build. It's got way to many individual peices, including the switches on the sides of the steering colome! I'm considering painting aluminum over these bit's as they are so tiny their hard to see when black on black. I dont know why they made'em seperate anyway.

2009.03.11, 10:01 PM
This vintage Monogram kit of the Lincoin Futura, the body is separate parts. This thing was more like a model airplane than a car. The original mold was copyrighted in 1956. This kit being a reissue from a few years back.

The paint was started as a layer of dark blue, with a few light coats of silver. The aqua clear was mixed with a bottle of Tamiya clear with a few drops of transparent blue and green till I got the shade I wanted.

This thing had alot of dimples that needed to be filled, I should have filled the ones on the bottom plate below the chrome trim, but didn't. The upper body was filled and sanded quite a bit though.

More in my snaps, just click on Plastic Models.

2009.03.11, 10:28 PM
Weren't those "bubble-tops" designed for women with really big hair back in the day's? Alot of those really classic "future" cars seemd to have big bubbled cabin's.

2009.03.11, 10:53 PM
Well it was a concept car from 1955, later became the TV Batmobile in 1966. Those bubbletops was big back then. A kit from a time before rubberized tires, two piece plastic.

A nice blast from the past. This page says Revell, I posted Monogram. Well that's what was on the reissue box. It's all the same company now anyway.


2009.03.12, 09:10 PM
Yea, but the question is, what was that bubble for? I think it was for the wives that had such big-hair like Peggy Bundy.

2009.03.13, 03:07 AM
Maybe, or here in the summer months. You can put a box of popcorn on the seat and use it as a popcorn popper.

Don't tell me that we killed this thread. Bubbletop cars was before even my time. Late 50's early 60's I think. You may be right about those beehive hairstyles and all. That's even before I was born.

Dave's Show Rod Rally.
A very good site with many vintage model kits, and a great group of guys on the boards there. With many that grew up at that time, the so called golden age of building model kits. All I can say is I learned alot of things I never knew about before there. As a kid I got into building models toward the end of the era. My first kit was a Tom Daniel Mojave Mule. As a kid I built it with elmers glue.

2009.03.14, 06:37 PM
The front sit's a little higher than I like, but I didnt' want to spend the efforts on lowering this one, so it is as is.

2009.03.14, 06:38 PM

2009.03.16, 03:32 PM
Nice one, marc. :)
I haven't been around cause my model is stopped by a while since I'm finelly getting a Mini-Z. :D
But when I have it, I'll continue the Celica, promiss. ;)

Dr. Kustom
2009.03.16, 08:25 PM
Wow, Marc. Great job on that model. She is looking beautiful.

2009.03.17, 10:29 AM
Thank you guy's! It's my favorite so far as it is so clean. Not bad for a rattle can huh? I'm really itching for an airbrush these day's.
I haven't been here in a while cause I've been visiting that model car forum latelty getting some good tips and what not. Got plenty of model's coming in the next couple months so keep an eye out here.

2009.04.12, 02:43 AM
Oh no you don't, you're not spamming my thread!
Don't open link, contains virus!

PS: Sorry about the mess, byebye.

2009.06.27, 12:10 PM
thats a work of art. i wish i could build ones like that