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2009.03.04, 04:47 PM
ok so I have recently bought a mr-01 car from someone on anothe board.Well needless to say I may have burnt the esc up OR it could have been done when I got it .

Anyone , any suggestions on somewhere to get a replacement esc for a mr-01 ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ,

2009.03.04, 11:47 PM
Any PCB/ESC from any mini-z will work/fit, provided you change the wire connectors up (some have larger screw holes etc)...

I have 2 MR01 PCBs that I am trying to sell...

2009.03.05, 02:19 AM

1 buy a new board...
2 or you might want to have the board checked by a qualified person... fets (the thing that usually burns up) usually can be replaced or upgraded and stacked .... (changing stock fets for stock fet might turn out to be the cheaper alternative)

good luck...

2009.03.05, 10:01 PM
Ok so ..

I need a "mini z for dummies " book .

Which all Esc/boards will work in the mr-01 with ZERO mods to the board or car ? I just need something to get this thing going agian it is driving me crazy not being able to find anywhere to buy them ( mr01 specific) board or a straight shot answer ..

2009.03.06, 10:37 AM
0 mods? no wire swapping, or screw-loop replacment?

The MR01 boards... the rest have smaller power terminal lead loops for the screws. So you either gota twist a wire or solder...

PM me what the car is doing, or isnt doing... or why you think it is fried, RX? ESC? Servo/Motor?
Not going forward?/reverse/both?
Not steering?
Not responding to the transmitter at all?

If it is JUST the fets, I dug up some 7389 fets that everyone use to use as the first replacement fets... and I may be able to fix it for you. This would require mailing the car to me though. I've fixed a few Mini-Z this way in the past for about $15+shipping+any parts it needs... its been a while though. (only need car not TX, Luckily I still have 1 AM TX left)

Note: That I will replace the fets but I will not stack them, I hate trying to solder stacked fets. It is only needed if you plan on abusing the cars ESC with a hot motor in the future.

2009.03.06, 03:54 PM
basically long story short , I bought the car from a member on another forum.
(didnt do my research for mr01/02 etc. before I bought)

Well ups delivered the car.. I took it right out of the box and put NEW batteries in it.Turned the TX on then the Rx ( like I generally do unless im breaking a car in) and it goes WIDE open no steering response whatsoever.

Well since Im not to mini z ( not the hobby at all , just been out of the game for about 3- 4 years , no micro experience 10th and 8th scale mainly)I went and go MORE new batteries .. Just in case and it did the same thing I looked over the car for loose connections and such and I couldnt find ANY.

So I took the car to a local shop where they race miniz , and the guy looked at it and to begin with it has a external fet pack he didnt know much about it so we took it off . WELL once we took it off we got the steering back but NO motor control from stock motor pads. Well it was closing time so I took it home ..

Got to messing with it pulled it apart checked/cleaned the power and grounds.And changed the - battery spring ( the single lonely one the board gets it - from)and put it all back together and just touch the external fet pack to the +/- on the battery tray .. Well IT WORKEd I played around with it for about an hour or so .. and put up for the night since I needed to resolder the connects that we presvious cut off the battery tray that had been soldered.

SOOOOOOOOOOO, the next morning I go and dig out my OLDDD iron and deans solder and resolder the connections ... WELL wouldnt ya know I put batteries back in it and turn the tx on and then the rx and BAAM the car goes wide open agian and the steering is twitching full lock from left to right.

Sooo this leads me to believe it is the board... not to mention I have messed up the - pad on the board now ne way.

2009.03.06, 03:55 PM
wow long post.. Sorry for the loooooooooooooooong post/rant .