View Full Version : i Series-2 ??

flat 4
2009.03.05, 06:13 PM
So other then being on a MR02 chassis and two diffrent motors(and the McLaren body) whats the difrence?

Tim Johnson
2009.03.13, 10:12 PM
better PCB board, better packaging, nice bodies. :) :)

2009.03.13, 10:32 PM
can you show an example?

i'd actually prefer simpler packaging, especially if it reduced the overall cost.

i found the awd plastic oragomy type packaging very creative and almost as fun to open. it was more like well done gift wrapping vs. another cardboard box with display window.

better yet, why is the u.s. market not getting tx'less kits as frequently as jpn market?

2009.03.14, 02:12 AM
We're the 2nd market Arch and all appropriate rules apply.