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Mike Keely
2009.03.05, 06:31 PM
I have a KT-18 that I have been having issues with the throttle staying in a few times in a race.

1) Is anyone else having this issue?
2) I got a 2.4 KO module for my M11 but can not find a way to get it to have drag brake and still have reverse work. Anyone find a setting so you can get both?
3) Does anyone have a cheap KO radio that I could buy that the 2.4 ASF module would work in so I could run my Mini-Z with no radio problems?

Any thoughts you guys may have is welcome. Thanks MK

2009.03.05, 08:53 PM
my kt-18 is collecting dust, that piece...

as in full throttle? how long? does the trigger get stuck?, need a better description

the drag brake problem is....well you need the I.C.S. your car comes from the factory programed to roll a lot off throttle. You need to hook it up to a computer with the ics and turn off the inertia setting so your car will brake off the throttle

cheap ko radio...lol, if the only problem your having with your radio is drag brake...its not the radio, its the car...you need to do what i put above

see the v. inertia? your car is set at 3 like the picture, you probly want to turn it off, i went through this whole thing already...

good news is your remote should be just fine, bad news, you may need to buy the ics unless you know someone with it. the ics is very cool though, you can see the settings you can mess with
-82080 Kyosho dNaNo ICS USB Adaptor Set Mini-z/dNano

Mike Keely
2009.03.06, 05:12 PM
How much is the I C S ?

2009.03.06, 05:24 PM
well tinyrc here sells it for 99.99 but they are out of stock!

i got mine on ebay for $78 shipped from Jason's Store, do a search...it's there now but only one left, good luck finding one