View Full Version : Tire Holding Rims - Any one up for machineing these?

2009.03.07, 06:56 PM

It will require a custom tire mold obviously... just an inner lip.

This is similar to what will be on my MiX (if it ever gets built), but these will fit the AWD, although I am unsure of the offeset.

2009.03.07, 10:59 PM
This is so cool and innovative!!! How much will it cost to get the mould and cost of the rims oso??? I believe people will but if the rims are durable enough...

2009.03.08, 12:12 AM
Smart, but...

- Need a whole new lineup of tires?
- Making new offsets requires 2 new pieces? (edit: nevermind, I'm wrong)
- Doesn't negate the need for taping/gluing tires

So I can't really see the merits of producing them. :confused:

2009.03.08, 01:15 AM
I updated the photo to include the Wide Rim... refresh if it does not show up.

Actually just 1 piece and longer screws need to be added to make it a wide rim... and the face piece is all that would need to be changed to change offsets.

Originally this was designed so the "spacer" area was the hub, and this could be moved in and out of the rim, thus making it an adjustable offset rim. This was not needed on my MiX so the offset is drawn with my MiX offsets, these would have to be changed if anyone used it for an AWD chassis.

primary reason for them, is that I am SICK OF THE TIRES comming off the rims.. glue and tape is not the propper solution.

2009.03.08, 07:15 AM
Ah you're right about the offsets, my apologies for being stupid. :o

Regarding the mounting style... having a center ridge unfortunately is not the answer either. The problem with our tires is that they peel up just a little bit at the sidewall, which creates the chattering effect and traction loss. Gluing the sidewall or making it more rigid somehow is the only way I can see to avoid that problem. Since you'd have to make tires anyways, I'd personally be looking into multi-compound tires with a very thin, but harder (maybe like 40-degree rubber) edge to keep the tire on the rim and prevent chattering all in one.

A center ridge really isn't enough. Maybe beadlock rims a la crawlers? That'd be pretty hardcore. :D

2009.03.08, 09:30 AM
Excellent design. This system has been used by 1/5 scale drivers for years. Why not Mini-z?

2009.03.08, 01:02 PM
I've thought about that... also worried that it may pull it out of the grove if the grove is too wide (like the wide tire grove), but for the most part it may still chatter, and pull back a little, but it should bounce back, and not come clean off the rim and jam up under the fender... unless of corse the rib slices off or something.

Well if people are going to use glue anyway, then there could be a plastic piece that fits in the grove that could come already glued to the tires.

This is how the overland tire adapter will mount into these rims.

A blank tire rim could be used for old thin tires this way ;).

2009.03.08, 01:13 PM
or simply allow the center spacer for glue... the trouble with glue it getting your tire out of round with ever so light lumps or thickness of glue. keep it all in one center channel and you've taken care of that. it won't help with the outer edge peeling but it will help keep the tire from slipping off the wheel maybe.

i'd still like to see a tire with a harder compound at the outer edge as mentioned. sounds like an interesting concept to test.

2009.03.08, 02:29 PM
i can machine them but its not gonna be cheap and you would need a pretty high quantityPM me

2009.03.09, 09:30 AM
Just take xmod rims and mod them to fit Zs.

2009.03.09, 02:10 PM
Xmod rims do not clamp onto the rubber rim... and the xmod rim is opposite this one, less tire thickness.

2009.03.09, 05:07 PM
what we really need are rims that have lips on the front.

Action B
2009.03.09, 10:26 PM
what we really need are rims that have lips on the front.

That sounds good. Though I lose most of my tires to the inside of the axle even though the lip is there.

2009.03.25, 07:26 PM
I wonder if there was a small rim on the outside- it may easily prevent tire loss and help it sit more evenly.