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2009.03.07, 11:53 PM
is the the F1 board the same as the MR02 board.If not what is the difference thanks.Plus does the MR02 board have a brake or does it go right in to rev.

2009.03.17, 07:29 PM
It really depends. F1's go back all the way to the ver I AM board till today's newer ver II. Most MR02 SHOULD be ver II, though ive seen 1 or 2 with ver I. The main upgrade from ver I to ver II board is brakes, better FET and maybe better reception. However, they are all cross compatible. Look at the box. If im not mistaken, readysets with KT-05 should be ver II. For chassis sets, there should be a 30% power-up fet. The new ones are 3010, old ones 3001

2009.03.17, 07:51 PM
There were 3 boards for F1. v1 looked similar to the MR01, but had brakes. v2 is the same as what was used in MR02, OL, MZM... had 3004 fets. v3 has same layout as v2 but has 3010 fets... My favorite, is v1 with modified fets... Seemed to have the best reception and response. Now my F1's are 2.4 ASF.

The ones that came with the KT-2 transmitters were v1. KT-5 transmitters could be either v2 or v3.

All F1 boards have brake function.

MR01-F, came with KT-5, MR02 pod and same board as MR02, with brake function.

2009.03.17, 10:14 PM
pretty cool info emu...

2009.03.21, 02:46 PM
Thanks guys....

2009.04.18, 01:01 AM
They crystal plug is different on the F1. In that it lays down on the chassis.