View Full Version : How do the fets hold up???

2009.03.08, 10:41 AM
I'm planning on getting the 2.4ghz board for my AWD Mini-Z and was wondering how good the fets are. I know they have 4 3010's (2 on the top of the board and 2 on the bottom) essentially making a 2x2 stack. Let's say I wanna run the Atomic Chili, would the stock fets hold up? Would it be in any interest to have the fets upgraded to say the 8858's? I currently have a 2x3 stack of 8858's on my AM board and it runs great. I don't wanna blow the fets on the 2.4 board, nor do I want to upgrade the fets if I don't need to.

2009.03.08, 10:49 AM
I run a 33 turn PN Modified motor on my stock 2.4 board without any problem.

2009.03.08, 11:03 AM
^ MR-02 or Ma-010? What gearing?

2009.03.08, 11:15 AM
^ MR-02 or Ma-010? What gearing?

if that was for me...

MR-02 with PN 64 pictch 9/52 or 10/52