View Full Version : Trade-up policy?

MINIz guy11
2009.03.08, 11:38 AM
I'm starting to get interested in going to 2.4GHz, but the money is the major limiting factor. I've seen some companies, mainly in the computer parts business, offer trade-up policies for better parts for a certain amount of money. It would be very similar with Mini Z's, where a customer could send in their board, pay a fee (say $30) and get a new 2.4GHz board sent to them.

Is such an idea feasible?

2009.03.08, 10:23 PM
no, used electronics is not something anyone, ESPECIALLY a corporation, wants to get in to. You're perfectly capable of selling your board yourself through forum listings and ebay. That's the best way.

MINIz guy11
2009.03.09, 06:37 AM
Alright then. I was under the impression that Kyosho would be able to recycle some parts of the AM boards that would be used in the 2.4GHz boards. Guess not, then.