View Full Version : Help with twitchy steering

2009.03.09, 03:58 AM
Hi ppl

The steering of my OV is twitchy when turns left at full lock, it doest stay there and is moving back to centre and left even if I am holding the controller to the full lock.

I have checked all the wire connections, soldering points on the servo and the board connection point and the steering motor and it all looks good.

Can anyone suggest what part has gone wrong?


2009.03.09, 04:24 AM
Try cleaning the pot...

2009.03.09, 05:22 AM

Found the culprit, when I swapped to another transmitter the problem is gone. Something is wrong with the steering transmitter, is this repairable? It still turn the wheel just that it wont stay there even with the transmitter knob fully turn.


2009.03.09, 03:24 PM
What kind of Tx'r do you have. I had a problem with the endpoints had too much throw in my KO-EX1 and had to talk to KO for about 1/2 hour but got things fixed.

2009.03.09, 05:46 PM
thanks rocketman, nah, its an old Perfex KT-2. So wont be able to chat with the manufacturer, I bought it second hand if I remember it correctly.

Will get a new one I guess..

2009.04.02, 03:01 PM
Maybe the crystal is loose, either the transmitter or car.