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2009.03.09, 08:47 AM
I race mini-z mr-02 and ma-010 and have seen many differant types of batteries.
I currently use an Energizer 15 miniute charger and Duracell 1000mah and Energizer 900mah batteries. The energizer seem to be faster than the duracell batteries.
I have seen Orion HV and SHV batteries along with R1 Wurks competition batteries. Will all of these be fine with my charger? Also, will they be noticeably faster than my current energizers?

Note: I am not happy with the Duracell batteries because I have had several that will no longer accept a charge. I have not had any problems with the energizers.

thanks for you advice,

2009.03.09, 09:05 AM
I used to have the same charger and used 1000mah duracells too,then i got some 880mah r1wurks batts,and what a difference! more punchy and an extra 3-4kmh on the speed checker with them over the duracells.

2009.03.09, 09:42 AM
Check the rate your charger uses. If its around 1000mA(1A) it should be fine, but if its more then you'd be better off with something that can do 800-1000 tops. I'd get an hour chargers instead of these 15 minute ones that demolish batteries' life time.

2009.03.09, 09:56 AM
I'm do not know about the rest but I am pretty sure the Duracell 15 minute chargers are 3A. They have a built in fan but it is still a lot to ask of AAA batteries to be constantly charged at this rate. The majority of us can't handle the additional power that Nuking the batteries gives us anyway so put the money you spend on battery replacement into other parts for the car.

2009.03.09, 02:54 PM
i use intellects exclusively. i have a 30 minute radioshack individual charger that gives them a 1.5 amp charge, its perfect. my cars are always fast with these and they've never dumped in a Z, they usually give me VERY even power throughout a 8 minute heat an last 10 minutes no prob. Having good batteries can be the difference between winning and losing...or losing by a little or losing by a lot, depending, lol. I tried TRP 1000 batteries in my ma010 and it wasn't nearly as fast as when i put intellects in. Orions 900 seem to run great too in my fellow racers car's.

also i have duracells and energizers and my cars are considerably slower with those, i use them to practice. im convinced that 15 minute chargers do nothing beneficial & destroy batteries, half hour charge is just fine

for those who think half hour is too fast, ive been racing these intellects for 6 months now using a half hour charger and NEVER discharging. my car is always a rocket with these intellects. The kicker is that they were already quite used when i got them in a mini-z lot off ebay

2009.03.09, 06:28 PM
I agree, overall i like the 30 min. chargers. I have the 30 min. Duracell. Charges individually, has a fan. Seems perfect. The 15 min chargers are to much.

2009.03.28, 11:38 AM
I have a 30 min Duracell charger as well. It has not destroyed any batteries yet. I am still using 700 mah and 750 mah batteries because they are still good! I am gonna get some 900 mah batteries today.
The metal contact points on the charger turned green after a while and the lights on the charger blinked as if the batteries were bad. I cleaned them up with my drummel and now it is as good as new. :)

ocean rodeo
2009.03.28, 08:15 PM
I picked up a couple sets of these today. They are very good for the price. Not as punchy as R1 but very similar to the Orion 900's. For the price your can't go wrong. Definitely worth trying.



2009.03.28, 10:19 PM
Same price for 850 and 1000. Interesting...

I paid $5.99 per 4 pk of 900 mah batteries today at Harbor Freight. I picked up 3 packs of 4 AAA's and 2 packs of 4 AA's. All for $30. No shipping fees since I went to their store in my area. :D

2009.04.15, 01:33 PM
I use Orion 1100 mAh 1.25 volt batteries and charge them with a 1A energizer charger. Long run time, and great punch!

2009.04.24, 11:43 AM
I like the intellects. I tried the Orion 1100RT when they came out. Ok at first. After 5-6 months they were garbage. Out of 10 sets only 2 are usable for practice. None would read higher than 8 amps, and most were 3-5 amp range. I charge all my batteries at 500ma so I don't know what the problem was. I like the R1 Wurks 990. A little less punch than the intellects. Good in my modified car.

2009.04.24, 12:38 PM
I'm having mixed results with the Orion 1100s and they will soon become practice batts. I really like the R1 Wurks and the Orion 900s. I just got a set of the RED R1s, but haven't tried them yet. For practice I have all the cheapos, Eneloops, DuraCell rechargeables, etc.

2009.04.24, 01:47 PM
I must have the lamest charger around here for AAA's.
I'm using a GP Powerbank 4 but it only charges 64mAh... :(
Takes forever to power up my LRP Vtec 1000's, I usually take it off after a 15h charge so usually goes for an overnight.
Still waiting to get something better, dunno what yet. :confused:
What's funny is the fact that my Carrefour 800mA ones have more juice then the LRP's with proportional charges.

2009.04.24, 04:16 PM

just to update, i just got the Maha charger and Orion 900s, should be a winning combo!

2009.04.24, 04:59 PM
Keep in mind that the Energizer and Duracell 15 minute chargers only charge about 750mah in the 15 minutes before the light goes green/finishes. They then trickle to top off the cell. You are only charging about 80% of the capacity with the fast charge. It could take an hour to fully charge the batteries with these 15 minute chargers for AAA, and 2-3 hours for high capacity AA cells. For AA, they will only charge about 2000mah in the 15 minute time period.

In the end, fast chargers, arent really that fast. I use Duracell 30 min chargers to do the bulk charge (~80%), then peak/top off in my LaCrosse chargers.

I posted the following in a different thread...

I thought I would add a bit of interesting information about the 15 minute battery chargers. . . They only charge the batteries to about 80% of their capacity when the light goes out... then trickle to top the cells off. Depending on the capicty of the cell, the % will be different. On the Energizer 15 minute charger, it will charge a depleted AA about 2000mah, and a depleted AAA about 750mah. So if the cell is depleted, and is higher capacity then it will take longer. To fully charge a Duracell 2650mah cell, it takes about 2.5 hours.

Engergizer 15 minute
Duracell 15 minute

As you can see, both chargers are clearly NOT finished charging when the LED shows they are complete. The LED notification is to show that the FAST charge (bulk of the charge) is complete. These chargers cannot detect the peak of the cells accurately at this high current, so they must switch to a lower current to detect the peak. These chargers run on a timer for the 15 minute charge period, unless the cells 'peak'. The peak detection is not actual peak, but rather a cutoff when the voltage gets to a certain cieling during charge which is still less than what the capacity is.

The Energizer 15 minute will switch to a lower amperage charge after the LED goes out, then when that is complete, it will shut off the fan and switch to a pulsed trickle to maintain capacity.

The Duracell 15 minute will stop charging when the LED goes out, and go into a cooling mode where no trickle is applied until AFTER the fan is out, when it will then top off the cell at a higher trickle, and stop the trickle when the cell is topped off.

The Duracell 30 minute charger is similar, but with lower amperage during the fast charge. It however, will charge AAA cells to 850mah during the fast charge state.

I have not seen enough graphs to see how much charge will go into a cell that is half charged or being re-peaked. . . I assume that it will be about 90% charged when the LED goes out, as it is being terminated by peak detection rather than the 15 or 30 minute timer.

The chargers cannot detect true peak during the fast charge rate, as it is too much amperage and the cooling of the fan could cause them to overcharge if they were looking for the peak. Which is why they detect peak after the fans are off with a lower current.

No wonder why my batteries are MUCH faster after I charge them in my Duracell 30 minute chargers, then peak them in my Lacrosse charger after the LEDs have turned off.

I hope this info is useful ;)

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