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ocean rodeo
2009.03.09, 12:16 PM
Alright I am a little concerned. This is the 3rd PN pan car body I bought this month and I am pissed. Is there something needed to do in order for the body to not sit so low? I thought the first one was a molding error so I ordered another one and after I glued the clips in the body it was the same touching the floor. So I bought a 3rd one and this time it sits just above at about 2mm. WTH!!! Here is a pic of my car, please someone tell me if this is normal because I have given up on this body.

2009.03.09, 06:32 PM
Hard to tell on pics but i would say normal. They sit nice and low, thats what you want. If needed just do a slight dremel job. I only remember a slight touch on bottom of body in front of rear wheel. slight dremel there.;)

ocean rodeo
2009.03.09, 06:59 PM
Thank you, I didn't even think to bust out the dremel:o

2009.03.09, 08:51 PM
I usually shave a little off the bottom of the pan bodies to allow more track clearance... And I round the front corners a little as well.

2009.03.09, 08:59 PM
I know for a face that all my PN pancar bodies (over 5) have had an issue with the clips on the left. If you look, the inner mold for the clip is raised upward, and the left side of the pancar body is tucked in. I have had this issue on the last few pancars...

2009.03.10, 01:39 AM
I allways test mount my body with tire tape on the clips before I glue the clips on... adjust it to how you want the body to sit, mark where the clips should go, then glue them on without the tape... This is one of the main reasons that I do not like to race with autoscales. Sometimes the clips break when removing them to adjust the height of the body...

ocean rodeo
2009.03.10, 09:50 AM
My only problem was that the top of the clips have a sort of flanged edge that I thought was the index so that the clips are seated. i realize now that in order to set a proper body height you have to trim that area so that it allows the clips to move freely to set position. Trial by error:cool: