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2009.03.15, 06:18 AM
I just found 2 new PN Racing SpeedyNMs in my box of motors. I got these before I got into Mini-Zs and am wondering how they would do in the MR-02 and AWD. I remember in XMODS they had more torque but pretty strong drag break. Any experiences would be helpful. Don't want to open one up and break it in to find I don't like the way it performs. Thanks!

2009.03.15, 09:18 AM
Good torque for stock FETs. Drag breaks a lot as you said. If you give them a good break-in they are really good motors. I liked the torque they had and top end when you upgrade the FETs.


2009.03.15, 07:46 PM
Thanks! Guess the top end should be pretty good with the new ASF boards. May have to break one in and see. I remember it being on of my favorite motors in the XMODS with lithium cells.

2009.03.18, 05:53 AM
Any other impressions???

2009.03.18, 12:52 PM
I have used it a while ago... very similar to the Speedy AWD. I have used the Speedy AWD and for an open class and like it... The NM is no longer available though, you may be able to find it, but they are not made anymore. It is also similar to the ATM stock, but with less torque. They all have more drag brake than most other stock fet motors.

2009.03.18, 01:06 PM
Thanks Emu. I have 2 new ones from my XMODS days.

2009.03.18, 01:13 PM
Dont gear them too high, or you will be too fast ;) If using 64p, try a 10 or 11/52... if using 48p try 8/41 or 9/44... if you need more speed, then slowly move up and see how you like it. I dont really like to make my cars too fast, but I love high acceleration.

2009.03.18, 02:13 PM
I agree. Its even more important on a small track like I have at home. Here's a pic.