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2002.06.14, 12:31 PM
Hum.. I was at my LHS buying parts for the jet ski. Turns out the 130 motor and original propulsion system did not move the thing aas fast as I would have wanted. So I bought a speed 400 motor and some supplies.
Also sitting on the shelve was a bunch of Kyosho Pocket armour tanks.
So I got one... these things are tremendous fun. I spent last night and a few hours at the office today klimbing over the "wreckage" on my desk(s) :)

Battery life is mini-z:ish. A set of alkalines lasted untill now.. so that's at least an hour of continuous driving in harsh terrain :)
After some surfing I found out that I had bought the palm runner of desktop armour.. the 2ch version, but anyways... I'm having fun ;)

2002.06.14, 12:55 PM
Does the Kyosho have any combat abilities, or does it just drive around? You might also like these:


They have an IR lasertag game, it's a blast! And you can get the TV cam for them etc., which makes it like a VR experience!

2002.06.14, 09:47 PM
how mutch does this stuff run for, both of them

2002.06.15, 01:50 AM
www.plantraco.com (http://www.plantraco.com/cgi-bin/af/b.cgi/358) and hobby link japan have price info..
My Pocket Armour M1A2 Abrams was really cheap, but as it turned out it was the "palm runner" version ;)
And yes.. it just drives around...
Playing laser tag with me, myself and I would be a tad boring ;) But a fun possibility I have to agree. A camera would be fun, but then the tank should be a lot faster. It's boring to drive on the floor.. the fun starts on the table where there are obstacles to climb and stuff to push around.
So, basicly I've been acting like a 5 year old again. :)

2002.06.16, 09:20 AM
W-tone - you could get two tanks and then the software interface kit, and then either program one of the tanks to battle against you, or have someone remotely control it over the net to battle you!

2002.06.16, 11:15 AM
I took a test drive of the telecommander software on the net... loads of fun :)
But... maybe later, right now my toy budget is a bit low.