View Full Version : Forum clock???

2009.03.16, 06:28 PM
Anybody else having trouble with the forum clock/time being off??:(

2009.03.16, 06:32 PM
Apparently, you wrote this at 11:28pm... about 4 hours in the future from now :eek:

2009.03.16, 06:33 PM
Anybody else having trouble with the forum clock/time being off??:(

I thought it was just me:o I just went ahead and changed the time zone settings in my user cp. According to the time zone it lists for mine to be correct, I'm in Alaska:confused:

MINIz guy11
2009.03.16, 06:42 PM
Yea, I'm also in Alaska for my time to be correct.

2009.03.16, 07:14 PM
mine has been like that all day as well.

2009.03.16, 09:02 PM
Let us know what to do or not. A rather not change the clock if it gets fixed.

2009.03.16, 09:46 PM
the clock is 1 minute off my pc time. not sure why it's off for others?

2009.03.16, 09:50 PM
Arch, for me you just posted at 2:46 AM. Its should be 10:46 Pm:confused:

2009.03.17, 07:58 AM
what is odd is that the clock on the bottom of the site is correct however the post clock is off by 4 hours. the same 4 hours and the -4 correction for gmt.

2009.04.04, 07:29 AM
so how do we fix the clock?

Old Crow
2009.05.21, 05:08 PM
No solution?

2009.05.21, 08:44 PM
phew, i thought it was just me. its 4 hours ahead for me as well, and changing time zones won't fix it :eek:

2009.05.21, 09:08 PM
no luck yet. been checking vbulletin forums as well and were not the only ones with this issue.

2009.05.27, 10:10 AM
The clock on the bottom of my screen for Mini-Z Racer readsAll times are GMT -6. The time now is 09:07 AM which is two minutes behind the clock on my desktop. But I bet if I post this, it'll be off as well. When I posted a message last night, it claims I posted it this morning at 12.
Yep, as soon as I posted THIS message, the clock today says, Today, 1:10 PM.

2009.05.27, 10:13 AM
Yeah the one on bottom is correct but the post times are all off. Funny thing is we all seem to see the the same post time regardless of time zone.

S2k Racer
2009.06.01, 07:01 PM
Clock = Confused me.