View Full Version : JR-R1 2.4 Module?

2009.03.17, 01:12 PM
Is there any way for me to use my JR-R1 with a 2.4ghz Module? Given that JR and KO are the same company now. Is there anything that can be done so I don't have to sell my R1 and buy a Helios or Z1?


2009.03.17, 06:12 PM
if you mean z1 then yes just get the ko propo module

2009.03.17, 07:33 PM
Oh please someone... find some way to do this! I'm not daring enough to blow up a module or a radio. I love this radio and it's just sitting there collecting dust. My R1 awaits! :D

I've contacted the JR supplier about the pinouts and they said it's proprietary information and they can't give it out. I think I got shot down on here by KO too when I posted.

2009.03.17, 09:57 PM
sorry i didnt read your whole post before i replied. i do remember reading somewhere that a ko module will fit with mods but i can not remember where i read it at. i will look around for some info.

2009.03.17, 10:58 PM
Thanks for the thoughts. Anyone out there with further info?

It's such a bummer to leave that radio in the bag doing nothing! Come on KO give a little love.