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2009.03.18, 01:22 PM
while reviewing the new dNano online racing system, they do implement the idea of recognition of skills via awarded digital trophies. While HFAY does not keep the same profile based database, i think it's a worthy to look into.

for example,
1. club champs would get a digital club champ icon that could be used as an avatar, in thier signature, anywhere in thier online social networking. you can embed a link back to HFAY website as well.
2. season winners would get a digital season winner trophy.
3. member with highest lap count for a given track would get a digital trophy for most laps on x track
4. member with fastest lap would get trophy for fastest lap on x track

there are countless possibilities here. this does one of many things, rewards a greater number of members for various achievements without cost to HFAY and promotes the series through the use and display of such trophies.

obviously, this is all on the honor system as it the entire series for that matter but i think we could spot abuse rather quickly given the competitive nature with which we scrutinize each other at times.

2009.03.18, 01:39 PM
interesting idea, we would actually have to start tracking those last 2 if were were to do that.

2009.03.18, 01:53 PM
All for it! It all was spawned online anyways... might as well have some online decorations! I say we do it for the time trial tracks too, but only for the top time on each track.

Avatars would have to be legible and stackable side by side. Would be cool to see rows upon rows of little trophies under my sigs. (yeah right! :rolleyes:)

Is there a way to link them to the HFAY site itself? If not... I say we just give one out for all positions per season (bronze medallions with finishing rank/season number on them), but make like the top ten a bit larger avatar (still bronze, with rank and season), but the top three will get the largest size avatar (bronze, silver and gold, of course with rank and season).

2009.03.18, 02:07 PM
ideally they would be used in your signature where you are active.

they can be individual image files about the size of your current avatar maybe. each would have to be branded with a date, season number, tracks number, or whatever so they would be distinguishable, ie; i would have 3 club champ trophies in my sig:cool: some would have multiple top 3 finish trophies, most laps, lap record, etc.

actual categories can be determined by brian based on what info is available.

don't forget, any transgressors can have thier sig altered by any responsible moderator/admin so say someone holds the lap record in a time trial and is replaced by a better time. if they refuse to remove the icon, we can do so for them. if they are no longer active, we can remove it for them.

i'm confident we can do a good job of policing ourselves. afterall, trophy holders are going to likely keep an eye on thier respective categories.

yes, images in signatures can be url links as well.

i just thought this would be a good way to recognize many of the other hard working members who may not otherwise be.

2009.03.18, 02:19 PM
kind of reminds me of the Xbox Live achievements or PS3 trophy system