View Full Version : TGR where abouts (Wolf Sightings) ?

Ancient Artist
2009.03.18, 07:28 PM
Its been quite a few months since we've heard anything from TGR and was curious if anyone knows what happened to them.
Just wondering because I'd like to get some of the parts for the car like bodies and more specifically the adjustable ride hight height motor mounts they had introduced just before they disappeared.Atomic has some things but they don't have the bodies or these particular parts. Any help would be great.

2009.03.18, 08:49 PM
I am wondering if they(TGR) closed-up shop. I have been looking for their website with no luck for months. I would like to buy a Spinner+ ESC, but alas me thinks that ain't gonna happen... If anyone knows what Wolf and Co. are up to I'm curious to know too.

2009.03.19, 02:14 AM
Try contacting f-zonen.dk for parts and mk2Kompressor on this forum might also be able to help out with parts.

2009.03.19, 02:51 AM
Thanks for the info Tudor. I will try to to PM Mk2 also. Awhile back I tried the "contact us" link on the Rising Sun Racing store page but I didn't get a reply.

2009.03.19, 04:10 AM
not a word from him....

i got a spare spinner but no ride height pod sides

Ancient Artist
2009.03.20, 12:56 AM
thanks for the help. sounds like a very lost cause especially if mk2 hasn't heard anything or have those parts because you always seemed to be pretty up on the TGR stuff.
I'm itching to pick-up another pan car soon since i used to run 1/10 & 1/12 scale because it's more of what I'm familar with in terms of chassis designs but figured I'd see if I'd give it one more try on the TGR parts. I'm still planning on getting another 1:28 Pan car regardless but thought I'd try and snag some extra tinker-toys for the TGR cars, not to mention having some extra pan cars lying around for friends wouldn't hurt...

Speaking of which mk2 - noticed you're running the MRCG chassis now. just curious what your thoughts are in comparison to the TGR. likes dislikes whats better worse etc....or how about the P28 have you tried/own that? I'm not even sure its available yet because the Reflex site isn't quite clear -one thing says pre-order and another part of the page says available now. Prob best to ask the Reflex lads about that.

I guess since the TGR seems to be deep-sixed I'm really looking for some info on those two considering they are the only other serious 1:28 pan cars out there at the moment...

2009.03.20, 04:08 AM
at the moment im running both MRCG and sinister,both are very different in terms of handling.
my sinister has had alot of work to make it suit me,the front suspension left alot to be desired,stock out of the box not as good as the mrcg but with certain tweaks it can be very competitive.
the MRCG is alot more responsive with the rear suspension setup,there is alot of adjustments to be played with too but once you find the sweet spot its unbelievable to drive,a different animal all together;)
all the tgr stuff i have left is:
most of the different camber castor bars
disc damper setup(only one left)
front spring kit
set of kingpins

not tried the p28 yet but i do plan on getting one to compare when they are made available

2009.03.20, 04:30 AM
I have driven the Sinister and I am now driving the P28 and I must say it is a much better car, all of it is better. Easier to get driving and the parts fit together from start. I have not tried the MRCG.