View Full Version : Wide Track Front and PN -1 Delrin Wheels

2009.03.20, 08:58 AM
I'm running the Reflex WTF, PN -1 offset 20.5mm delrin wheels and 1 degree PN knuckles and can't seem to get the front tires to stay on after a race. I have tried PN tire tape and PN tire glue, but the PN CSF20 tires always seem to come off after a race. Any body else experience this problem? What is the fix?

2009.03.20, 10:40 AM
i run the same set up execpt for the tires. i run kyosho 30 deg. i have no issues at all. what body are you using? don't take this comment to badly. do you hit the rails alot during your run? if you do you may want to run a body with a wider nose. i know if you run a sc430 and you run the tires will rip off.

2009.03.20, 12:12 PM
Hekyl, the carpet tires are silicone based and it is very difficult to get a good bond with super glue. The only thing that really works is the PN IC2000 black glue. This glue has actual rubber in it and will bond better than the "rubberized" clear stuff. My suggestion, as dvs mentioned is a wider body or the tougher glue. Otherwise, if at all an option use rubber based tires such as Kyosho's and PN's R series...

2009.03.20, 02:14 PM
make sure the wheel doesn't stick out too much... I use 2005-2007 NSX body with WTF front end. It keeps the front wheels tucked in without having to worry about it coming off during the race.

2009.03.21, 08:12 PM
I will go with the advice given here. Quick question, running the WTF and 2007 Super GT Nissan 350Z body -- what is the maximum offset for front wheesl? Is 0 offset PN wheels too much for this setup with 2 degree camber?

2009.03.21, 08:19 PM
Reflex ran 0 offset fronts at the 2008 PN Worlds, so I think that would work.

2009.03.21, 10:46 PM
With 2 degree camber, I run 0 offset PN plastic wheels with the outside lip shaved to 8mm wide. PN front tires tend to run skinny and fit a 8mm shaved wheel perfectly. We ran this setup on Lex's 350Z.