View Full Version : WTB Mini z Carry bag

2009.03.24, 02:28 AM
Mini z bag from Kyosho
I an in europe

Would like to buy a Mini z bag from Kyosho (the one with cardboard sections). I am in Italy at the moment cant find one in Europe. If anyone knows a shop online in Europe that has them I would like there address. (5 euro spotting reward for some that leads me to a buy in EU Europe buy Pay Pal)

2009.03.27, 03:49 AM
Has any one got one for sale in Europe second hand will be ok.

2009.03.27, 08:34 AM
Brand new, and we ship to Italy all the time! Keep the 5 euros and apply them to your shipping cost! :)

Kyosho Mini-Z Carry Bag (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=17358)

2009.03.27, 10:24 AM
Thanks but but the time it gets through customs and i go to the Italian post office it will cost 50 usd extra. Much easier if I buy from Europe.