View Full Version : bruce lee playing table tennis!!!

2009.03.25, 02:43 AM
one of my other hobbies is playing table tennis...

so i was wondering if anybody else is into table tennis???

here's a couple of videos i saw on you tube...

bruce lee playing table tennis...

matrix ping pong

2009.03.25, 07:51 AM
We play table tennis at home. (well, when the track isn't setup ;) ).

My wife is from China and obviously it's a big sport over there. We started playing while were were still dating, and when we bought our house that was one of our first new toys. We even have our 2 kids learning to play although the youngest is just a little taller than the table top. She is only 3. My son is getting pretty good, he can at least volley with me for a few minutes.

2009.03.25, 07:54 AM
I played for about an hour and half yesterday with one of my buddies :D I used to play almost every day all through the latter part of high school and while I was in college (only one semester, lol). Some one brought a table to our office about 4 years agaon, and we playe da lot one fall. Once it got to cold, we put the table up, and it never came out again. I just brought it down with renewed interest about 3 weeks agaon, and Ive been able to get some one to play with about 5 times. Its a lot of fun, and I expect Ill be playing more and more in the near future :D

The Bruce Lee video is cool (Im also a martial arts movie finatic), but that second one is hilarious :D

2009.03.25, 04:55 PM
lol Matrix ping pong is so old. :D Still good though.

I played for fun during high school, now I'm good enough that I can play most of the people at my college using the back of my cell phone. Quite amusing and quite an attention-getter. :D

2009.03.25, 08:50 PM
wow... i didn't know that some of you guys play table tennis...
as for me i used to play waaaay back when i was in college... was good enough just to make the varsity team... been going back to the sport but been busy as well...

the game has evolved through the years... i.e. the ball got bigger lol... and the game ends when someone reaches 11 and a match is best of 5... last time was up to 21 and a match was best of 3...

materials in the racket now... geez... they can be pretty exotic...
carbon, kevlar, aluminum, arylate, carbon-arylate, carbon kevlar, titanium... probably some others that i'm not aware of...

my collection of rackets have kinda grown exponentially... my wife's wondering if she married an octopus -

one racket that tops my list is timo boll spirit... tried lots... and this is my go to racket...
pretty reliable...

picked up a hinoki one ply but haven't gotten around to use it just yet...

2009.03.29, 11:33 PM
I have been playing table tennis from the age of 12. It helps me to maintain a good health. Whenever I am free in the evenings, I offer free table tennis classes in Bengaluru. I have made lots of friends through this game. I use Stiga Hypertech ply with Stiga Mendo MP Max rubbers.

2009.03.30, 02:15 AM
vghealth... welcome to the forums!!! funny to see that your first post on a mini-z forum is about a non mini-z topic... lol :D

bengaluru = bangalore, india??? how is the table tennis scene over there??? and how long have you been playing? most people think that table tennis is just a recreational game,

but take it to an international level, and the whole thing changes... it can be a real serious sport... it's nice to hear that you're teaching classes... mind if you could give me some pointers? drilling sequences/practice drills?

on a more pertinent note, how is the mini-z scene over there??

Shadow Runner
2009.04.05, 02:48 PM
I play table tennis too. My dad just got a table last week. Its a lot of fun when you can play against someone that is about the same skill level as you are. Otherwise not so much.