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2009.03.25, 10:22 AM

I was wondering if anybody has tested the setup and ride charactristics of the new GT bodies:

- Mc Laren F1 GT
- Ferrari 430 GT
- Skyline R35 GT 500


2009.03.25, 01:26 PM
Ive been running the Mclaren GTR on my mod AWD. Its very stable body with tons of offset, and tons of overhang. Ironically its still got a low enough CG that it rotates fairly well. Initial turn in is a little sluggish (compared to the '05 NSX at 98mm), but once its rotating, it gets around quick (probably has something to do with the overall weight as well). Id say its a good car overall for big flowing tracks in mod class. I really had to get on the brake hard to get around the lower speed hairpins though, so it would be slow on a very techinal track, without making major changes to my set up.

I just recently started testing with the F430GT on my stock MR-02. Its a very aggressive body that generates tons of grip coming from the lexus sc430. I went from SSG rears and old PN 8d fronts, to K20 rears and new PN 8s (comparable to the old 10s IMO), and I still have more grip than I started with on the lexus. I like this body, much like I did the F360GPC, so I think itll be my choice for AWD stock. In 2wd stock I think itll be better at most tracks, but Ill still carry the lexus, as I havent found too many places where it didnt perform well.

Ive got the PNWC qualifier coming up, so Ill be doing a lot of testing between bodies for stock class. Right now, I cant see the 430 being beat out, but only time and testing will tell.

2009.03.25, 04:47 PM
I played around a bit with the McLaren GTR before it broke, now I have another one to play with. :)

All else unmodified, with the low-downforce wing, turn-in is really crappy and the rear breaks loose on exit. With the high-downforce wing, turn-in is increased, but response is a bit slower. On-power stability is great though. With no wing, however, it rotates pretty well, but lacks a bit of stability.

Once you cut out the rear diffuser area, the car suddenly rotates much better AND is more stable (less parachute effect). In fact I ran it back-to-back vs. the 2007 350Z with the rear diffuser removed, and the McLaren actually had the snappier turn-in, even on a really small, technical layout. You can almost mash the trigger coming out of a corner, and the car just steers so aggressively. Without the wing the McLaren is reasonably light (~36g with modifications), very low and very wide, such that it carries a lot of speed even without full throttle. I really love this body, it's like a pan car but sexier. :)

2009.03.26, 04:41 PM
Thx for the info guys. I have the 430 here and yes it feels pretty nimble, has lots of grip, good for thechnical tracks as you mentioned. However I foundd that the front wheel arches might be a bit to low for 0 deg camber. running 1 deg.

Waiting for the F1 and R35 to arrive, good tip about cutting ut the rear deffuser part. thx.

Please do post your results when you do more track time. I will aswell :)

2009.03.29, 02:36 AM
i ran the f1 gtr in stock class and liked it alot. it made my car very predictable and stable allowing me to cut close to corners and crash less. also when you tangle with other cars you have the advantage. running on 2 tile wide rcp. 2 offset f & r w/wtf. kyosho 20s & 30s. lark. 2.4 ghz with full drag brake. the best part is just watching the car go around the track, it looks so good

gtr is pretty good, i only ran it one heat before running the lark but its a good body. painted whitebody, 42g

2009.03.29, 11:58 PM
McLaren F1 GTR Lemans
To me this is an excellent shell, it is quick, incredible stable at high speed and responsive to command, I did like it over the Enzo any time any track layout. It even makes driving very easy with no efforts to maintain a race line, only issue I find is its 40g (unpainted body) it need a high gear ratio or powerful motor in order to accomplish a great start acceleration.
It is a beautiful body superb & smooth shape, extremely detailed and looks stunning when running at the track or floor. I really appreciate the two options of down force effect elements included in the unpainted body, which consists of two different selections of rear wing, front headlights & front side fenders spoilers, this options will provide the driver to adapt his/hers car to different tracks layouts and driving styles & skills.
I do recommend it to all drivers, experts, intermediate and specially beginners for it easy drivability and grand response. It is a great body shell to have!:)

2009.04.04, 07:33 AM
i run on ly the r35 gtr. super stable and plenty of grip. my cars never seem to have an issue though. the car rotates better than a nsx and is nimble as a 350z. super stable every where on the track.

2009.06.20, 08:09 AM
Short summary:

F430 - No experience since I don't run 94mm

R35GTR - Stable but understeer on corner exits.

F1 GTR - doesn't suit my aggressive driving style but it's very balanced.

2009.06.20, 08:59 AM
r35 gt-r
i run this as well. it's a very comfortable fit to my driving style, much like the c5-r was years ago.

oddly enough, i was running the db9 before the r35 gt-r with the exact same chassis and i noticed a real differnece between the two when i switched over to the r35 gt-r. i don't have the verbal lexicon to describe it in as intericate detail but the db9 was also very stable body choice but eclipsed by the r35 gt-r. the biggest difference was the cornering characteristic.

f1 gtr
i seriously want to try this body but i've been so content with the r35 gt-r that i just don't want to switch again. my hfay times have improved again adn i'm hesitant to make changes.

2009.06.20, 07:34 PM
I'll be getting a heavilly upgraded MR-02 in the mail when it's finished being built. It's gonna come with an F430 body on it so post how it handles under high speed when I get to run it.