View Full Version : Mini Z's taking up $$$, time, and love?

2009.03.28, 03:47 AM
Has anyone entirely given up their 1/10 scale cars because of Mini Z's? Mini Z has been my rainy day only RC hobby but now it is taking up so much of my attention that the 1/10 cars are just collecting dust. :(

2009.03.28, 05:12 AM
Who cares, as long as you are having fun !

2009.03.28, 11:32 AM
I hope my interest for the 1/10 cars will come back someday...

2009.03.28, 11:55 AM
Why ?

If you are enjoying yourself with something else, does it mather that it doesnt come back ?
And if you say now I hope it comes back, doesnt that realy mean that it is back?
We're going to get deep on this one :p

Shadow Runner
2009.03.28, 10:21 PM
What kind of 1/10 scale car/trucks do you have? As for your interest in the 1/10, I have lost interest in RC (or my interest dimmed down) twice but I get back into it within 5 months or so. You could easily be interested in it again.

2009.03.29, 08:24 AM
I raced 10th scale oval for about 3 years in my early teens, then i started racing go karts and mini sprints. now i'm in my mid twentys and i had been racing oval again at probably the nicest most competitave track in the northeast. (cant afford mini sprints anymore) then my girlfriend bought me an x mod for xmas 2 years ago. a couple of friends and i built a track at my house and we loved it! then we were introduced to mini z and built an even better track! anyway the 10th scale oval stuff is all sold and i couldn't be happier about it! 10th scale racing (oval) is all about the $$$$. if you have a little talent and a big wallet you can win. I was verry competitave in oval but didn't want to spend the $, this is a hobby! these are toy cars! why spend tons of $$ to go race 3 heats and a main at 4 min. each, for a grand total of 12 min race time? we race once a week at our track for about 4-5 hrs and probably get at least 2 hrs of track time. Also with these fantastic 70t pn motors everyone is exactly the same speed. in all my years of racing i've never seen more competitave, clean racing for everyone not just the guys with the most $! mini z racing is great! everyone have a blast with your cars and enjoy some good racing this weekend!!!!!!

2009.03.29, 11:11 AM
I have 1/10 F1 cars and 4wd touring cars but I don't race them. I play with them in my driveway. I used to race when I lived in a different city when I was single. Now with family and kids, I can't find time to go racing competitively. I have five 1/10 cars. And I have 2 mini Z's and a dNano coming. It feels like I am neglecting the 1/10 cars. I could never become a good polygamist who provides equal or similar amount of TLC to each and every deserving partner/wife/car. .. . etc. :p
One option I am reluctantly considering is selling the 1/10 cars to fund my Mini Z hobby so I can buy more Mini Z cars!!! :D
But on a sunny summer day, if I want to sit in my garage and drive a 1/10 car in the driveway I will need these cars.:(
You guys are right about it is all about having fun and I am having fun.:)

2009.03.29, 01:29 PM
I had lots of different rc's but the ones I liked most were Mardave Mini and V-Dub bug, Schumacher Cat XLS converted for touring, 1st gen. HPI Nitro RS4, 1st gen. Serpent Impulse and 1st gen. electric Associated TC3.
Drove those and others till I was about 18, after that I had a 3 year stall.
When I was 21, I joined a rc drift forum and bought a Associated TC4 for that purpose but wasn't given enough use since the forum died before I could even get the taste of it.
So eventually this led to another stall, until recently.
I'm 23 now, and I traded my TC4 for the Mini-Z MR-02 and I couldn't be happier.
And I guess I'll be going Mini-Z for a long time since these little cars are amazing.
Don't feel bad for enjoying something different, feel good for having a car that can run inside your house on a rainy day. ;)

2009.03.29, 01:38 PM
I'll beg to differ on $ because if you don't jump alotta parts on impulse and only get what you actually need, you won't spend over $100 to get your car to its peak(save various motors). Time depends, but for me as of late, Hfay race days are the only time I pick my Zs up and tune/race. No real means of doing it in between or a desire to honestly.

2009.03.30, 10:24 AM
I have not tuned up either my 1/10 touring cars or my 1/8th buggy yet. Here in northern CA the weather has just started turning nice and I'm trying to carve out time to get them up and running. But it takes a fair amount of time, and if you only have time to run one class, Mini-z's have some huge advantages over larger cars. The fact that I can carry all four of my mini-z cars, plus batts and parts in a large tackle box is great. I cart my 1/8th buggy around in a plastic bin the size of a small bathtub. Also, just the issue of racing and tracks. I race Mini-z on a great track at a friend's house on Monday's and then a LHS has racing on Wednesdays. The closest 1/8th buggy track is in Antioch, a good 90 minutes away for me. We do have a 1/10th track close by, so I'll get my touring cars up and running first. I think another great topic would be the way Mini-z are seen by the rest of the RC community. I'm always amazed at how I'm looked down on by my Nitro buddies because of the ever increasing size of my Mini-z collection.

2009.03.30, 12:41 PM
Don't larger scale guys think these are easier to run? Because thats absolutely false. Also, just because a RC lacks retarded and time consuming parts to tune/adjust doesn't make it bad or any easier to tune overall. IMO its same amount of fun, but cleaner, cheaper, more compact and convenient.

2009.03.30, 12:41 PM
I race everything as much as possible. lol Mini Z, 18th scale, 12th scale, 1/8 offroad, 1/10 electric offroad, etc. also do some rock crawling

If something gets me mad, I switch for a while. :P

2009.03.30, 07:33 PM
I used to go to the track with my real car for track days. I don't do that anymore. The cost to fun ratio got too big too fast. 1/10 tires are $12 and up usually for a pair while mini Z tires are $4 and up. I mean, the cost is a big factor for me... 1/10 scale doesn't thrill me as much ever since I setup my own foam track in one of the bigger rooms in the house. But I have learned from experience I lose a lot of money when I sell stuff. :D My wife teases me that's one of my hobbies... buying high and selling low.. :ROFLMAO

2009.04.18, 12:34 AM
I raced 1/10 back in the 80's. Mostly 2wd buggies. Its what started it my obsession for everything radio controlled. In the 90's I got married and "grew up" and sold everything. 4 years ago some of my son's friends brought over their Xmods. At first I thought they were toys. They were so small. I thought anything that small must be just a toy. I did a little research and soon had the bug. Again. After all anything that could be upgraded with carbon fiber and billet aluminum couldn't be a toy. In fact it reminded me of days racing 1/10 buggies. A year and half later I discovered Mini Z's and I haven't looked back. I still think about getting back into 1/10 but the only tracks in my area are dirt tracks. If there was a paved or carpeted track in my area I would be more inclined. But for now its more convenient and cheaper for me to head into the basement and rip off some hot laps than to go to a track. My advice is to sell everything you don't use or care about to fund the things that put a smile on your face.

2009.04.18, 01:32 AM
Now, I am only driving my dNano. My Mini Z F1 is just sitting pretty on a shelf. :) I am ordering another dNano soon.:o
Only the Yellow Lambo is dNano in the group .. and the custom body of Calsonic Impul Z on Dnano Chassis.



2009.04.20, 10:06 AM
Ahh, you've moved to the dark side! But since you're there, how do you like the D'nanos? Do they have similiar tuning options and can they be tunned to improve performance? And lastly, are you planning on getting the lap counter?

2009.04.21, 01:36 AM
I love my Dnano. Very small but fully proportional controlability makes it extra fun for me. :) Dnano's can be upgraded with BB's, X speed motor, tires, front springs, rear suspension bar, and Gyro. I only have BB's. No lap counter for me 'cause they are too expensive - $300 +.

2009.04.21, 08:07 AM
I was gonna say, nano's fit the topic title WAY better: buying them, not breaking tiny parts, resin casting our own bodies... That sounds like time, love, and $.