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2009.03.28, 04:15 PM
I recently brought my Mini Z up to college after not using it for at least a year. Anyways it spun a lug nut off and I can't find it, and I would like to put some new bearings in it. Where can I find this stuff? MR1 stuff seems to be hard to find.

2009.03.28, 05:59 PM
In the case of bearings and wheel nuts, you can use the MR02 parts.

2009.03.29, 11:13 AM
Did you check ***************?
Here. (http://www.***************/Categories/Kyosho-Mini-Z/Mini-Z-MR-01/Bearings.aspx)

2009.03.29, 01:42 PM
Get locking nuts too if you're gonna be shopping, they won't just come off on you. PN bearings will do too and they're like 7-8$.

2009.03.30, 02:32 PM
I bought bearings, lock wheel nuts, and a xspeed motor off ebay the other day...I can't wait the only problem is the wheel nuts are coming from china and could take a while to get here.

2009.03.31, 01:47 PM
I got my locking nuts at the local hardware store , they're not a nice as the ones you can get online but they do the trick.

Also for future refrence atomicmods sells a good bit of stuff.

2009.03.31, 05:10 PM
If you can't get locking wheel nuts you can always put a tiny drop of LOCTITE on them.

2009.03.31, 05:40 PM
On atomics website it says the only difference from mr01 to 02 is the size of the outter flange on the locking nuts .

2009.04.04, 12:35 AM
I got the wheel nuts, bearings, and and XSpeed motor today and WOW what a difference it flys. Definetly worth the money spent. It kind of makes me want to upgrade it some more. Any suggestions on what to do next. I have the stuff already mentioned a rear damper spring and a carbon fiber H plate not sure what the stiffness is though I bought shorty after I got the car...about six years ago.

2009.04.05, 02:52 PM
I would suggest if you do not already have some .. def. get some good rechargeable batts..

I just got some Orion 1100's this past friday and WOW , talk about waking the car up . Night and Day.

2009.04.05, 04:08 PM
I recommend the Reflex bearings. Best bang for the buck. I have never really liked the PN or Atomic bearings much. They are better than the bushings, but after running ceramics and the Reflex bearings, there is a huge difference.

MR02 wheelnuts are 4.5mm, MR01 wheelnuts are 5.5mm. You need different nut tool.