View Full Version : front body mount

2009.03.29, 01:11 AM
been using a mclaren gtr lark body and the front body mount is starting to crack does anybody make a alloy replacment one yet :(

2009.03.30, 04:12 PM
If it's ust around the screw holes,don't panic.
My F1 gtr (short tail) cracked around the screw holes pretty quickly and I worried that it would break completely.In the end the body broke in a few spots and the clip has not got any worse.

2009.04.18, 12:54 AM
I reinforced one with 1mm CF. Mine was cracking at the mounting holes. I took off about 1mm on the mount at the mounting holes and using thick CA clamped a piece of of CF on it and left it over night. Dremeled off the extra CF and drilled my holes. Haven't had any problems with it. I read somewhere a guy took an H plate and cut off the part that mounts to the motor mount and screwed on top of the body mount. Looked like it fit perfect. But I think there could be clearance issues doing it this way.