View Full Version : Pole what side do you use?

2009.03.30, 11:59 AM
I have my track setup on the smooth side. This weekend I went to Mini-Z Dojo in Ann Arbor and they use the rough side. I was just wondering what do other people use? What side do they use in the Kyosho sactioned races?

2009.03.30, 12:23 PM
The big events run the rough side;)

2009.03.30, 01:20 PM
you will also find that most clubs will run on the textured side.

2009.03.30, 04:26 PM
All five of the local RCP tracks in our area use the rough side for racing..

2009.03.30, 06:10 PM
Basically all of the races in the Vancouver BC area that I've been to have run on the smooth non-textured side. I've heard people mention this provides more consistent feel throughout the track, especially if some of the track was bought at different times (my own mini-96 has some of the textured side being a different look to it than other areas, so I can see their point).

Personally, I don't have a preference, but have switched over to the non-textured side as well just to more closely replicate the larger races here and be able to set my cars up closer to what I'd expect at those events.


2009.03.31, 01:42 AM

At the club we use the smooth side, but other clubs do use the rough one.
I don't see any advantage to use one instead of the other.

For my personnal trakc, I ride on the smooth to get the same as at the club but I do find it more esthetic anyway.

2009.03.31, 07:30 AM
I do see the visual differences in some of the older runs on the rough side. The traction is still pretty consistant though, so we dont mind.

FWIW, Every track Ive ever been too, including events, has always been run on the rough side. Thats why we decided to run the rough side.

2009.03.31, 08:45 AM
Interesting question and answers. At home I run on the textured side. Always thought the smooth side was more for drifting, but I've never driven on it. May have to flip my track and give it a try.

2009.03.31, 10:01 AM
We run (belgium) on the smooth side.
Almost all clubs here run on the smooths side. Also the big Kyosho event in Germany was run on the smooth side.

Personaly I've never driven on the rough side, but I would like to try.