View Full Version : Iwaver PCB modified: 4562 2x2 Stack

2009.03.31, 05:09 PM
Whell... here's my modified PCB board. It already have a single layer of 4562 fets, just add another one. (my friend Adriano made it... My soldering skills are terryble).


What is the strongest motor do you guys think this PCB can handle?

I hope you enjoy it.



2009.04.03, 07:48 AM
May anyone help me about the motor?

Will the PNRacing 33T fry theese fets?

2009.04.07, 11:33 AM
Do you have a 2x1 stack or 2x2? I'm not really understanding you but if you have a 2x2 stack(2 layers on each side), it should be able to handle most "hot" motors.

2009.04.07, 01:23 PM
LancerEvo... now I don't know if I wrote it correctly.

The picture shows 4 4562 Fets, 2 stack beside other two. There's no FETs under the PCB, I think it's because of the different lay-out.

So, there's a total of 4 FETs, disposed as can you see on the pictures. Nothing else.

That handles an "atomic chilli"?