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2009.04.01, 12:24 AM
Does anyone have info/review of the Powerex charger?

The specs look good and I am considering getting one looking for pros and cons feedback.


2009.04.01, 07:50 PM
So here is what my friend google found!

Is no one using this charger in the Mini-z racing world?

Maha C-9000 Wizard One Intelligent Charger and Analyser: Verdict

Although battery chargers are rarely something to get too excited about, I enjoyed using the Maha C-9000. Being a heavy user of NiMh batteries, it's good to know the ones you have with you are operating at their best and aren't going to fail you. The princely sum of 49.95 buys you extra piece-of-mind, in the knowledge that the batteries you're using aren't going to fail on you, because if they were, the charger would tell you. This alone is worth every penny in my opinion.

Maha C-9000 Wizard One Intelligent Charger and Analyser: Plus points

Easy to use
Clear and bright LCD display
Useful information about battery condition is clearly presented
Individual charging circuits
Refresh/Analyse cycle to reduce memory effect
12v cigarette lighter adapter available

Maha C-9000 Wizard One Intelligent Charger and Analyser: Minus points

Charger unit is quite large
12v cigarette lighter adapter not included

The Maha Powerex Charger and Analyser costs around 50 ($66-$69 us) and more details can be gleaned from the Maha website here:

2009.04.01, 08:07 PM
Lots of racers use this charger. It has lots of charging and discharging options. I have 3 of them and they are quite useful especially if you want to match your batteries on a single level although they will not replace, IMO a turbocharger unit from CE. That said, I have seen many top level drives use them. You can go to amazon, which is where I bought mine and pay less and they have some nice write ups about the charger, Also dig into earlier posts on this site cause there are usually questions about this charger and a similar one always asked. Good Luck.

2009.04.01, 10:30 PM
I got this charger and use it 4 checking and matching batteries. Its a great charger. I also have the maha 8 cell 1 hour charger that I use 4 race day that also can charge, discharge, and recondition batteries and also can slow and fast charge batteries. I would recommend both chargers 2 anyone.

2009.04.02, 08:24 AM
Thanks for the response guys I will be picking one up this weekend!


2009.04.02, 01:33 PM
I'll like to add that Maha has an extremely good support service to their customers. Plus 3 years warrantee.
If you can afford a second charger, try the La Crosse BC-900 or 909 it provides a better charging peak, but the customer support service is terrible and only has a 1 year warranty. if can't go for 2 chargers then Maha is the one

2009.04.02, 04:10 PM
I agree with Richard...

The Maha is the best all around charger on the market for AA/AAA cells.

There are special instances where I prefer different chargers, but in general, the Maha works very well, and would be my first recommendation.