View Full Version : resetting ICS without the cable, program?

2009.04.01, 07:04 PM
I experimented with making some ICS setting changes using someone else's cable and computer at a track-now that Im at home, can things be reset to original settings by doing the pairing all over again? or do I need to find someone with that ICS cable to get my factory stock settings back?

2009.04.01, 07:09 PM
As far as I know, you will need to do it with the ICS cable/multi setting adapter...

2009.04.04, 09:55 AM
Thanks for the info....I think its great that this site exists to help people get into the hobby more guess I will have to start asking around for a cable next time at a track. Here's another question.......

I drive my z around the house alot just for fun at slow speeds around kitchen table and chairs etc....and the high pitch electrical buzz that comes from pulling the throttle slowly, the first half centimeter or so on the trigger, is just so annoying!! (Im using the atomic high torque standard motor) Can anyone relate to this? Is it a result of high resistance because of poor sodering maybe? Ive played with the throttle trim adjustment and not much difference.

One thing I do notice is that going in reverse-just as slowly on the trigger- does not make any high pitch buzzing at all! It just rolls backwards in full silence-its great!!! Im really tempted to reverse the positive and negative sodering connections on the motor wires to trick the PCB into using the "reverse" electrical pathway or fets, as the forward function. Is it safe to assume that the reverse electrical pathway on the PCB can handle just as much current as the forward? Or, will this eventually fry the board?

Thanks for helping me figure this out