View Full Version : Steering Problems after changing gears

2009.04.03, 08:06 PM
Hi Everyone, I replaced the steering servo gears in my LM and now the steering does not work right. It is not centering and seems to have about twice the throw as normal and gets stuck on one side or the other. I'm testing it without the motor attached, would this affect it?

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2009.04.04, 03:39 AM
i have the same problem before.i fix it by redo all the steering wires.

2009.04.06, 01:51 AM
Thanks, I ended up resoldering the steering motor wires and that fixed it. But what a pain that steering servo is!!! I'd love to get an a real servo in there.

2009.05.03, 05:14 AM
I'd love to get an a real servo in there.

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