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2009.04.04, 11:53 AM
I'm currently awaiting delivery of a pair of F1s. I'm worried I might break the chassis at the front knuckles by clipping corners with the front tires. Is this a concern? I thought aluminum knuckles would be good, but realized the energy would be transferred to the chassis and servo saver. Am I doomed to constantly replace the chassis or do I run plastic knuckles and hope just the knuckles break? I know the answer is to avoid contact with the sides of the track but this is easier said than done. What is "shimming the tweak" in reference to F1s? What requires a shim? What size shim? I'd appreciate some insight.

2009.04.04, 12:16 PM
I received an answer to the "shimming the tweak" question. Thanks EMU.

2009.04.04, 12:19 PM
My problem is that the rear wing keeps breaking. I have been using crazy glue to put it back together but it keeps breaking at the same spots after impacts. Running the car without the rear wings does not affect the performance/handling but it looks bad.:mad: Is it time for a new wing?

2009.04.04, 12:22 PM
How are you losing the rear wing? Is it due to roll overs or from being rear ended? No problems with the chassis breaking at the front knuckles?

2009.04.04, 12:34 PM
edhchoe, when you glue the rear wing, reinforce the glue with tape while it is still wet (basically glue the tape down over the crack on both sides). Dont use standard clear tape. Something a little more durable would be better (best is strapping /packing tape with nylon reinforcement).

You dont see many chassis' break at the front knuckles. Although, you do see a lot of plastic knuckles break.

2009.04.04, 12:54 PM
Ok good to know. Are there any other problems with the F1s? I'm not concerned with cosmetics.

2009.04.04, 01:34 PM
front wings usually break even with the bumper attached. if youre running on rcp tracks, the F1 has a tendency to catch the rails.

other than that, its pretty durable.

2009.04.04, 02:11 PM
Ok thanks. I'm feeling better about my purchase. I can't wait till they get here. Another hole to throw money into!! YEAH!!

Dusty Weasle
2009.04.06, 12:37 AM
I had the same breakage/super glue re-snap problem on the rear wing. Now I use Shoe Goo. A thin line in the crack will do it, you can't even see the break on mine unless you look close.

The advantage is Shoe Goo has a strong hold but remains highly flexible. I've only had to re-glue mine once in the last year or so despite heavy use. And should it come apart, you simply peel the residue off and have a clean break point to work from again.

I've been putting my sports car bodies together that way now too. I've only had an exhaust pipe come off from collision so far, and I didn't lose it because the remaining strands of Shoe Goo held it on the car.

Great stuff, better than duct tape!

The front wings are very vulnerable. Don't even put it on track until you have some kind of brace/shield around it. I run the Atomic Aluminum/CF front bumper and haven't developed so much as a crack. Its sturdy and thin so it doesn't interfere with suspension travel.

It's been observed that the new model F1 front wings with the extra 'swoopiness' in them break more easily, probably because the swoopie bits sit high and get snagged in collisions. I run an older model "Kimi" McLaren with the flat wing. So that helps prevent breakage. Something to be aware of.

Tie Rods are the biggest thing I've seen cause people to lose races. The perils of open wheel...:rolleyes: The plastic rods will snap after so many wall tags, and never at an opportune time. I finally got an aluminum Tie Rod and haven't lost one since. (I also use the Atomic Alum Tie Rod Mount. The plastic chassis guides will soon snap off).

Of course you transfer that energy into the knuckles (I run Kyosho Aluminum) and servo saver, so you could bend or break those. I haven't yet, maybe I'm just lucky that way.:D