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2009.04.04, 08:16 PM
I recently acquired an NOS clear MR01 chassis and a lot of odd 01 bits in a package deal that I didn't really need, so they sat on my workbench for awhile until they began to irritate me.

Since I generally have a ton of spares around, I thought I might try to cook up an extra car out of them. I'm running one of the yellow GT40 bodies on an MR02 chassis, and really like the stability of the 98 mm wheelbase, so I thought a spare white GT40 body I had would be ideal for the project:



Going with the 98 mm wheelbase meant I might be able to use an 02 MM mount, so I examined that possibility. That would at least get rid of the unstable RM characteristics. Here's what I ended up with:


It's using an MR01 front end and chassis, 02MM motor mount, 3Racing ball diff (with 64 pitch gears) and multi length DPS, stock 02 shock, and a used 2.4 board I picked up for $30 that needed extensive repair, along with a hand-wound 35T motor in an Atomic M1 endbell can.

The shock was too short, so I had to subsititue a longer screw for the center shaft. The DPS posts I had were too long to fit under the GT40 body, so I had to cut one down to fit, which meant only using a lower damper plate with a stiff spring. I managed to get it quite low:


The biggest problem was the T plate. The spacing on the mounting holes is different between the 01 and 02, so I used an 02 plate and opened it out a bit, then cut up a metal 01 plate to use on top of it for extra clamping force:


The big surprise when I first ran it was how fast it was! I was expecting a mildly competent warmup car to run before people showed up, but it turned out to be a rock-steady screamer! Last Mon nite it was running neck and neck with my friend Dan's 02 chassis with Lexan body.

A very pleasant surprise overall! I'm thinking of ditching the stock plastic motor mount for an AL one, but I'm afraid to fool with it too much now.

Just shows you what can be cobbled together with all those spare bits laying around!


2009.04.05, 02:03 AM
That's a pretty sweet lookin' Frankenstein ianc:cool:

I have an MR01 main chassis I salvaged from a buddy, it's got an MR01 3004 PCB and some other 01 parts that are usable and some that aren't. I'd like to build a true MR01 racer out of it - Tune and FET it, try to see if I can get her to compete with some stealthy-MR02s... It'd be cool to have an MR02-eating MR01.:D Maybe that's a bit of a dream, but I think it would be a cool project.

But I just can't get past the cost of the 01 parts I need.:(

2009.04.05, 03:13 AM
Use the 94mm MM mount with the MR01 t-plates for 98mm position... I did that a couple years ago, and almost won a race with it using a McLaren body. I DNF'd out of the lead with less than a minute to go. Broke a knuckle.

Felix, what parts do you need. I may still have a few parts in storage. I gave away my car with alloy servo gears though :(

On the left ;)

2009.04.07, 02:04 AM
I gave away my car with alloy servo gears though

alloy servo gears are a definite must with the mr01...

2009.04.07, 09:30 AM
They are pretty important, but if you don't run too wide of a front offset and stick to RCP, you should be OK. Haven't broken one yet...


2009.04.15, 04:33 PM
i lost the servo gears i had

2009.04.28, 04:35 PM
Nice job ianc.