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2009.04.06, 05:17 AM
ZRound Track Designer is yet another rcp like track designer.

There are already another free & paid rcp track design applications but I have written this tool becase I don't feel comfortable with them. This is a simple but powerful, quick and robust tool which offers what you need while you are drawing a track design. It's designed for 20" rcp standard tiles and kits.

You can use this piece of free software under ZRound Suite Products License (http://www.zround.com/files/downloads/LICENSE_ZTD.TXT) conditions. You must be registered in zround.com prior to download the application.

Here (http://www.zround.com/news.php?extend.33) you have a detailed feature list (spanish / english).

I hope you enjoy this new tool.


Jesús Broceńo

2009.04.13, 07:56 PM
You can see a "demo" video about drawing a new track at http://www.zround.com/news.php?extend.34

Also you can see how the track length can be calculated while drawing.


2009.04.13, 11:44 PM
Looks cool. I will get registered and test it out.


2009.10.30, 06:30 AM
Sorry for bringing up qn older thread.
I downloaded zround couple of weeks ago and started playing around with the track tool.
I must say its awsome. Very easy to use, very easy to adjust the track, you save alot of time with this tool in comparison with other tools out there.

2009.10.30, 07:15 AM
Im looking for a 3D track designer, so I can draw up some elevated RCP layouts. Anyone working, or interested on working on this?



2010.04.02, 01:05 AM
Thank you for written this tool. Really cool, I will try it later. But Thanks a lot.

Action B
2010.04.02, 02:21 AM
It doesn't work on my computer, maybe an issue with Vista.

The track builder freezes up while I'm building.

2010.04.02, 03:03 AM
It doesn't work on my computer, maybe an issue with Vista.

The track builder freezes up while I'm building.
It is developed under Windows Vista so that shouldn't be the cause.

I haven't been able to break it while building. Can you please write down what you do step by step until it freezes?.

Thank you.