View Full Version : race 4-11 ?

2009.04.06, 05:40 AM
Are we racing this saterday?
Patrick I left my umbrella in your basement last race. I noticed it was not in my car the other day when it was pouring when I went into work:(

2009.04.06, 01:11 PM
Since 4-11 is on Easter weekend, how about we hold one last race for this season on 4-18?

2009.04.07, 01:56 PM
I have plans for 4/18 if the weather is good. However, if the weather is like it was for the last two races, I'll be able to make it.

2009.04.09, 10:07 AM
Looks like I can make it that day.

2009.04.17, 07:54 AM
Is there a race tomorrow or not? Who's coming?

2009.04.17, 08:25 AM
I won't be able to make it. I'll be at Buford Dam

2009.04.17, 08:38 AM
I won't be able to make it either. I've got plans to ride in a motorcycle charity ride for Relay for Life with the wife. We've had this planned for a while.

2009.04.17, 09:22 AM
No race this Saturday (4/18). Doesn't look like we'll have much of a turnout. I'll be gone for the following couple of weekends after this weekend, so I guess we'll just call it a season. I'll post the final standings and come up with a couple of prizes to give out pretty soon.


2009.04.17, 11:36 AM
glad i read the thread today.

I wanted to try out some new parts this race 96mm amd new f1 tire, and a new battery pack.

Would yall be interested in running HFAY if I pick up a track and lap counter next year? I have access to 2 rcp ovals(blakes) and need just 1 more to get to hyfah. We plan on our new house having a play/rc room. ( the boss is on board with this :))

I am debating which counter to get. GIROZ or robronic.
Core is not available, Kyosho is not out yet and is $450 Giro z is 550 with 5 trasponders. robotronics is $300 with 3 trasponders(+2 more at 40 each) from tower hobbies but does not have great software.

2009.04.17, 12:39 PM
I'd be interested. I have a wide oval you can borrow if you need. Just let me know. I don't plan on setting up quite so large a track again for a while so 3 is plenty (have 4 total).

2009.04.17, 12:47 PM
I'd be interested, too.

2009.04.17, 04:26 PM
I'd be interested as well Art. I managed to pick up another Core lap counter so we could use that. I also have a couple new transponders too:D

2009.04.17, 07:10 PM
I ask again, is there racing tomorrow or not?

2009.04.17, 08:31 PM
russ patrick said no and is not available again so he called the season.

2009.04.17, 08:45 PM
russ patrick said no and is not available again so he called the season.

Yup, Patrick posted that there will be no race for tomorrow

2009.04.17, 10:07 PM
All right, sounds good. Patrick, I might be attending Joe Nall for a single Saturday, not decided yet, if you are interested. Here are the details:


2009.05.19, 02:05 PM
I should be getting the I lap timing system in 2 weeks for my birthday:) Thats one big step toward running HFAY next year. I plan to modify the transponders cut the wires back and run a giro Z plug instead of the standard rc plug. They will attack to the car top plate with velco dots.

The house is going on the market in a couple weeks to. 2 more days of home remodeling and I am ready for the Painter to come then the sign goes up.

Hope yall are having fun crash land planes and dodging paintballs:)

2009.05.22, 10:21 AM
Nice to have a timing system, although wish is was compatible with Patricks. Oh well. :)

I was looking at aluminum F1 wheels today in the shop as they have a sale going on. Don't really see the need though. What I really need is a new wing for it. :)

Have 2 new planes ready for assembly. These will be my first true balsa planes. Thinking about the F1 today though has me longing for taking out the F1 and running some laps. The track is put away though for the moment to make way for the kids.

2009.05.22, 12:02 PM
the core system has not been on the market for 3-4 years. kyosho bought the design from them and is using in the dnano unfortunately it is not for sale in the states yet unless you are a hobbytown store. There has only been 1 used core system forsale in the last 6 month on the forum

Only options are giro z, Ilap and robotronic. I am using birthday money to get the lap counter. robotronic has poor/limited software. i lap is the lowest cost and is amb compatible so i can use any larger scale rc software including some good free ones.

2009.05.22, 01:38 PM
Oh yeah, I understand. I'm surprised how Kyosho is handling the whole thing. I guess they figure not much happens in the US anyways with indoor RC small scale racing compare to elsewhere.