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2009.04.06, 10:29 PM
Well, it's been long enough now that it s/b OK to share this news - Tim Johnson left Kyosho recently, and I just wanted to post a thread to thank him for everything he's done for us and for the Mini-Z community - anyone who's ever appreciated a post from him about the latest product announcements etc. please join me in saying "Thanks Tim!". :)

2009.04.07, 02:14 AM
thanksamillion... tim... :D

2009.04.07, 02:41 AM
Thanks Tim! Although who are we supposed to bother now when we want new products made? :D

Dusty Weasle
2009.04.07, 05:24 AM
Thanks for all your diligent efforts helping us with our many (many, many) questions, complaints, requests, and keeping us updated on what to look forward to in our favorite hobby!

2009.04.07, 12:49 PM
Thanks a lot for all info you gave us Tim!

And good luck in your new job.

2009.04.07, 03:25 PM
Thanks Tim and good luck in your future endeavors.

2009.04.07, 05:50 PM
Thanks Tim! I sure hope you'll drop by once and a while. ;)

2009.04.07, 06:28 PM
thank you very much for being a proactive member of our community and diligent representative of a major manufacturer. i know it couldn't have been easy many times and i'm sure you got a good deal of grief over some of your previous employer's business.

i wish you all the luck with your new line of work, whatever that may be and that you have the time to drop in from time to time. :D

2009.04.07, 06:51 PM
Thanks Tim! Oh Deven, where are you hiding?

2009.04.07, 07:31 PM
Thanks Tim. Your work here has been greatly appreciated.

2009.04.07, 09:23 PM
Tim is still in the industry, I'm not sure if it's OK to say where yet so I'll wait for him to share that info if he wants. Deven is already active on TRC (http://tinyrc.com/forums/showthread.php?p=204582#post204582), I've been trying to break him in gently, but we'll get him over here soon. :)

Tim Johnson
2009.04.11, 11:27 PM
Thanks guys!!! It has been a fun run with Kyosho. Truly a great bunch of people both at America and Japan. Meeting various people on the forums, and at races, and events was a blast. I am sure some of you will see me at few Kenon races here and there. I am not going to far away...LOL I will always continue to enjoy Kyosho products, especially Mini-Zs. :)

Deven is a good guy, I am sure when he gets time he will post when and what he can, when he gets the opportunity.