View Full Version : F1 Steering won't recenter!!!

2009.04.07, 07:57 AM
I have a 2.4 board installed in my f1 and I have a major problem. If the wheels hit the rails on our track, they will not recenter. The car will then veer to the right until I steer it to the left then all is fine. It only happens when the wheels go to the right. I have transplanted the board into a completely new car, new chassis, new servo saver, new servo gears. It sill has the problem. Could it be electrical?

2009.04.07, 08:03 AM
What kind of knuckles and tie rod are you using? I had a similar problem with my ATM tie rod, as at full lock (only reached on impact) the steering would stick to the far right. If I tapped the wheels and broke them free, then I could resume until I hit the front right wheel on a wall again. I just read your post back, and it doesnt sound like this, but Im going to leave it up for you to check.

Also, you say you cheked the servo gears. Have you checked the POT? I would begin looking there if its not the tie rod binding. This would be the msot likely electrical culprit IMO.

2009.04.07, 08:12 AM
it has kyosho 2 degree knuckles and an atomic +1 tie rod toe in.

2009.04.07, 08:13 AM
I was running the Kyosho 1d knuckles and that same ATM tie rod. Does it get stuck at full lock though, or jut off center?

2009.04.07, 08:25 AM
after it hits the rail it stays slightly off center not in the lock position.

2009.04.07, 08:33 AM
If you also happen to have invested in the little Atomic plate that attaches to the bottom of the chassis and supports the tie rod you will probably find a very small amount of interference between it and the actual rod. A bit of work with a fine file will cure the problem if indeed you have the aforementioned components in place. It is a good area to keep an eye on though. Maybe a little clearance check and lube of the servo saver shaft might be worth looking into also. Make sure there is no binding at the connection point between the tie rod and Knuckles. There is an amazing amount of inconsistency between manufacturers.

2009.04.07, 12:03 PM
Had a chance to replace the tierod and the front hold for the tierod. Same thing!!!!!! I think it is an electrical problem. Maybe a wire from the pot is pinched.

2009.04.07, 12:36 PM
could be a bad potemtiometer from to many hits...

2009.04.07, 01:19 PM
I would look at the servo saver. It might need a little lube or replaced entirely.

2009.04.07, 02:28 PM
Alloy knuckles on alloy tie rod can be sticky. The knuckle pin gets hung up trying to round the corner/hump of the "bean" shape in the tie rod. Use some lube there and the problem will go away. Same goes for MR-02 and AWD.

2009.04.09, 06:50 AM
after a hit on the front end the wheels almost return to center they are not locked up to the right only slightly to the right......like if the trim was off by a little. That is the reason I think it is an electrical problem. Is ther a diffrence in the pots for the f1 and mr-02. I read ruff's article on the 2.4 boad install for the f1, but I used the pot with the board. Could that be the issue?

2009.04.09, 08:14 AM
It sure sounds like a servo saver, servo, potentiometer concern. Something is binding up or doing a very good imitation.

2009.04.09, 12:58 PM
It's more likely a servo saver or binding somewhere in the system (pins, gears, etc). Could be that the pot or servo motor is fried, especially if it's an old F1. One blueprinting trick I do is to shoegoo the servo to the plate and then shim it in the chassis with thin paper if it's not tight already. This keeps the pot located consistently so the car doesn't wander and the center doesn't shift.