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2002.06.16, 10:45 AM
Ok..... are there any traks around plano/dallas/McKiney? i was wondering cause my mini-z is on the way and i wanted to have some ppl to talk to about it and also help me out since im new to ths mini z hobby... thx if u can help!


2002.06.22, 06:59 AM
ya there is one in aero hobbys in luisvile but its kinda small, mabe we can get together in a parking lot and race there untill we can make a track of ower own.
you wont the address go to www.aerohobbies.com

i live in carrollton so it might be out of the way for you but not for me .......sorry

2002.06.22, 02:29 PM
im makin my own and im 13 and i live between plano and mckiney really in allen if thats not to far

2002.06.22, 02:32 PM
its about 35 min there from my house :-p *Mapquest*

2002.07.12, 02:33 PM
DUDE! I live in mckinney, and im 13 too, so if you wanna hook-up, gimma call. one Q, are you a guy or girl? no ofence but i know jordans that are girls and boys. I am guy, but anyway, gimma a call if you wanna get together and race or something.


2002.07.12, 06:38 PM
Thats really kool im not gonna be able to drive untill i get new rims b/c my freinds broke the inside of the rear right soo i can unless i can get ne on for very cheap!

2002.07.12, 07:39 PM
Thats not much of a problem because, eh ...heh heh.. I dont have my car yet. I am gettin it early aug., so its not that far away. But when i get my car, ide be glad to ride/race with you.


Oh, you didn't answer my question...are you a guy or girl?