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2009.04.07, 04:41 PM
What does it mean when your batteries are fully charged the remote too and you turn the car on and it is completely unresponsive, like it's not getting any power to anywhere. Thanks for the help.

2009.04.07, 05:52 PM
Check your crystals and make sure you have the correct one.
Check battery connection on the car. Sometimes battery tabs can cause this as well.

...bring it to your local hobbyshop that supports mini-z. They can fix that in no time.

2009.04.07, 07:14 PM
After going through a bunch of troubles with mine ,right after getting it here are my suggestions.

Take a volt meter or multi meter.
Can be had for pretty cheap if you do not have one.

With the REAR of the car facing you take the neg. pin and touch the
Lower rear - battery spring ( on the left of the car). Take the post pin an touch the lower right + battery ..

Both on the the bottom with the car facing you.If you are getting a reading there should say 4 - 6 volts. take the cover from over the PCB and hold the Black pin to the neg board wire (Black) and hold the red one to the positive board wire (red). If you are not getting voltage there ..

VERY carefully pull the board out of the chassis and check were the +/- board wires connect to the battery trays and check for voltage at those "prongs" that the ring terminals on the end of the pcb wires goto.

I was having ALOT of problems at first and I decided to hard wire my car directly to the battery tray and havent had major issue with getting power to it ...

ALSO are you running rechargables ? if so what king ?

I was trying to run rayovac lc3's which where causing my car to die .. a member on the board told me that was the issue and I havent had any problems like that since I stopped using those batts.

hope this helps.

Also check the black wire that runs across the top of the chassis ( under where the motor connects to the board) and make sure its connected.


2009.04.07, 07:15 PM
also be very careful , I have had alot of wires break off of the board pretty easy .

2009.04.10, 02:56 AM
You could have a bad battery. The four batteries are only as good as the weakest battery. If you have a volt ohm meter you could check the amps on the batteries. 10 - 12 amps is good. So if three of the batts. are at say 10amps and one is at 2 amps it will act underpowered. If you don't have a volt ohm meter try using a set of new alkalines or nimhs and see if it acts the same. If it does then its something else.

2009.04.10, 08:37 AM
how long has this been sitting? my oldest one had a bad on/off switch