View Full Version : Anyone feel any differences between m11 and KO with 2.4 boards and PN adapters?

2009.04.09, 10:31 AM
Finally got a chance to start working on the ASF, and got it all setup and working fine and adjusted it so I had a nice steering response with a Helios radio. The thing is that with my M11 the steering works way slower with the same setup. Anyone experiencing the same problems? It's mostly the centering that is to slow.

I tried a different PN adapter, and felt a slight improvement, but I think that was most likely a placebo effect :)

We had this problem at the 12h race , and i ended up running my brothers Helios that feels very uncomfortable on my small hands...

I really want to sort this, for now I'm experimenting with the setup on the board to get it to work well on the M11, as i really love this radio and dont want to ditch it.

Any clues on what's happening?!

2009.04.09, 10:58 AM
did you adjust the epa's on the M11, it seems that the modules do not use 100% of the epa, maybe the m11 isn't giving enough signal so the steering is slower and may not be turning full lock. Try making the expo + on the steering.

I have to slow down my 3PKs.

2009.04.09, 12:30 PM
Yep, adjusted the EPA on it. Think it's around 45% for the steering...

I don't feel like setting it to run EXP is the way to go, because i might loose some precision/feel. For now i'm just experimenting with the usb adapter and trying to get a good baseline setup. The thing is that the problem is mostly returning to the center.

Anyone running the m11 care to share the ASF settings?

2009.04.09, 01:32 PM
Does your M11 have servo speed settings, did you start on a clean reset model or is there a chance those are turned down?

2009.04.11, 10:08 AM
Servo speed settings are normal...:rolleyes: That's not it either...