View Full Version : PN Damper Springs and Front Cup installs

2009.04.11, 07:36 AM
I purchased a PN Damper System and I was wondering what spring setup you guys are running on a RCP Track. Also what are the spring weights. The set came with Gold, Blue, Green. Which is soft and which is hard?

Finally how do you install the PN front Spring cups? I usually put this with the wider part sitting on the knuckle. Have any of you reversed them and seen a handling difference?

Thanks in advance.

2009.04.11, 08:25 AM
^ Most folks reverse those cups. If you flip them upside down (from stock) with the flat part at the top, they dont actually ride up and down the king pin. Its just one less frictin point to worry about.

There is probably a chart on your springs on the PNRacing.com, or you may have to search around rckenon.com.

2009.04.11, 08:46 AM
I personally run blue DDS springs because it seems to be a nice, middle setting. My Z problems rooter far away from DDS or suspension as a whole, so while I experimented with everything, it was mostly in vain.

2009.04.11, 10:28 AM
Thanks for the input. It does make sense for less friction.

I looked online but I cannot figure out the gold DPS spring.

2009.04.11, 11:01 AM
On most any PN spring set gold will be toward the hard end with green toward soft end.

2009.04.11, 12:14 PM
So is it Gold Blue Green? Hard to Soft?

2009.04.11, 01:30 PM
For the longest time the PN Disk Damper Sets like #MR2060 usually came with Blue, Green, and Red springs. The Hardness level went :

PN recently introduced a new Mini-Z Damper Stiffer-Spring Set #MR2091 which includes Shiny Purple and Shiny Red, according to the PNracing website.

The new order for spring hardness from the PN site is be
Shiny Purple>(Hard)
Shiny Red

I have not seen the "Orange" spring that PN mentions, so I am thinking the "Gold" Spring is the "Orange" spring (Orange, Gold - You say Tomato, they say Tomaato:)). It's just I always received a Red spring (Really Soft) + Green + Blue springs in my Damper sets.

I find it kind of odd the new stiffer-spring set includes a "Shiny Red" spring that is 2nd-to-hardest in the spring-stiffness range, when the original PN DPS sets have a "Red" Ultra-Soft spring which is kinda "Shiny" itself. Actually all of my PN DPS springs are "Shiny-Metallic":).

2009.04.11, 05:04 PM
Thanks for the reply. I was a little shocked when i saw a blue green and gold/orange shock also. So i guess they took the red one out of mine. Thats weird.